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Top 5 bathing aids for elderly and the disabled

There is a common misconception that daily living aids are a sign that you are losing your independence, but in fact, they can mean quite the opposite – and bathing aids are no exception. If you are experiencing difficulty bathing or showering, or maybe you have noticed that your loved one is not as confident washing alone as they used to be, purchasing a bathing aid can be a great way to enhance independence and continue living happily at home.


What does arthritis feel like?

Unless you or a loved one are affected by arthritis, you may not be all too aware of the condition and how it might feel. Whether you have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, or you are researching on behalf of a loved one, or perhaps you are just keen to learn more; we believe that the more you are educated on the condition, the better life can be for those living with it. We want to break down some of the most common misconceptions and contribute to a better education of arthritis, with the aim to make life easier for those living with it.


The best panic alarms for the elderly

A panic alarm can be a reassuring tool in your senior years, helping you to feel safer at home and also providing peace of mind for your loved ones. It could be that you live alone, with a loved one or have periods of time away from your family; whatever your circumstances, panic alarms can bring a great amount of comfort.



The Best Online Exercise Videos for Over 60s

There are a number of benefits to keeping fit: it can reduce your risk of major illnesses such as heart disease and stroke, it can help strengthen your balance and mobility in your senior years, and with a strong connection between our physical and mental health, it can also have a significant impact on our mood. The prospect of regular exercise can be intimidating for many of us, especially when we reach our older years and physical activity doesn’t feel as natural as it once did.


How to use a dosette box

Taking medication is an important part of many people’s routine, particularly if they have underlying health conditions or receive care. For some, remembering to take medication and the quantities they need to take can be difficult to remember, which is why using a dosette box may be much easier and more efficient. Find out what a dosette box is and why they’re such a great thing to have if you take regular medication.


What is the continuing healthcare checklist?

The NHS continuing health care (CHC) scheme was created for those that require complex or long-term care and who need financial support to fund it. The application process can be quite complex, so we’ve collated everything you need to know about the checklist and the assessment to help you prepare and keep your mind at ease.


The best clocks for people with dementia

Many people living with dementia often get confused about the time of day or indeed forget what time it is. To help with this, we’ve put together a list of some of the best dementia clocks on the market to help your loved one feel more settled and comfortable at home.



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