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10 benefits of lifestyle support for the elderly

Support based around your needs

You may feel indignant if a loved one suggests you need extra help at home – after all, you’ve lived independently for decades and never needed support with your daily tasks; however, accepting help is not failing. Ageing has a different effect on every one of us, but something most of us have in common is that we find physical tasks more taxing than they used to be, whether that’s because of a diagnosed condition or general age-related frailties. Helping Hands have been supporting our customers’ lifestyles for over 30 years – since 1989 in fact, and we offer care and support with every aspect of your daily life; at home and helping you access your community.

1. Comfort

We all need to feel comforted to live our best life, and if we aren’t comfortable, then we won’t feel in good physical or emotional condition. By spending time with people who are important to you, you can feel more comforted in your home, including having someone to help with your daily activities. Our carers will quickly become trusted friends who can help you to live a more comfortable life by undertaking housework, laundry, and any other task you’d appreciate support with.

2. Safety

Staying safe in your own home is a fundamental right that all of us expect to be able to enjoy, but if you’re becoming less mobile or worried about managing the stairs, you may feel concerned that you’ll struggle to remain safe. Helping Hands can be an integral part of your safeguarding, whether helping you upstairs or answering your front door to unexpected callers, by having one of our lifestyle assistants come into your home on a visiting or live-in basis.

3. Personalised care

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to support, which is why every one of our customers has a personalised package of care designed for them, along with a dedicated support plan that details every aspect of their daily routine. Our carers will follow this plan to ensure that your requirements are always met, and you can comfortably live your everyday life at home for as long as possible.

4. Independence

Remaining independent in your own home is what all our customers are hoping to do, as the alternative may be to move into residential care or a nursing home. While this is a suitable choice for some people, if you are determined to stay independently in your own home, then you should let our carers come and support you with every aspect of your daily life.

5. Companionship

With one of our carers coming to see you, you need never wish for companionship again, as they will make you a cuppa and join you for a chat whenever you need it. Our visiting carers can be with you from just 30 minutes per week, undertaking daily tasks that you are finding more challenging. This could be vacuuming, preparing your meals, helping you to bake a favourite cake, laundry, or other things, and if you have a live-in carer, you will also have the peace of mind of around-the-clock companionship.

6. One-to-one attention

Unlike in a residential home, you will be the focus of your carer’s attention, with one-to-one care whenever they are with you. That means you don’t have to wait until an appropriate moment when they’re free to see to you – they’ll be there to help only you, rather than several people at once. If they’re there to sit and chat with you over a cuppa that’s precisely what they’ll do, or any other number of tasks that you’ve requested they undertake for you.

7. Peace of mind

If your family live a long way from you and you’re finding independent living more complex, they will no doubt be worried that you’re not getting the support you need. Therefore, having one of our carers visit you or living in will reassure both you and your loved ones that you’re not struggling on your own. This will not just make you feel that you have the support you need to live the way you want, but comfort the people who love you that you’re living as well as possible.

8. New Friendships

Our carers are amazing at what they do, and you don’t have to take our word for it – just reading the five-star reviews our customers and their families leave for us across our branch network shows how exceptional our care standards are. We receive fantastic reviews  every day via websites such as, and you can see one of our typical 5-star reviews below, which was written about our Bury care team. Maintaining these standards is everything to us, which is why we only accept compassionate, kind people to join us as visiting and live-in carers; people who will quickly become a friend to you at home. In addition, they will be happy to support you in accessing the community and enjoying the activities you always have, meaning new and existing friendships are strengthened.

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Overall Experience  5 out of 5
I was very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend Helping Hands. The carers were a great help and carried out tasks with professionalism and empathy. I was in need of help for a short period as I was recovering from an illness, over that time I received several different carers, I found them all to be friendly and hard-working. My husband was out at work all day, leaving me with long days, trying to manage while physically weak and tired. It became very reassuring to know I would have help arriving each day for a couple of hours. I felt well looked after and all my needs were met, thank you ladies, I really appreciated your help.
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9. Faster recovery

Having support at home after you’ve been discharged from hospital or you’re recovering from an illness can really help your physical and mental wellbeing, as you’re convalescing in the place you feel happiest. Our carers are experienced in supporting our customers when they are going through difficult times in their lives and will therefore always make you feel as comfortable as possible. This can improve your recovery time and ensure you’re living your life to its fullest again as quickly as possible.

10. Improved mental health

Having care and support from Helping Hands in your home won’t just support the physical tasks that you may be struggling with; our carers are there to boost your mental health too. Being supported emotionally is a vital part of your holistic wellbeing, and that’s why we always bring a whole-person approach to the care we deliver. Across our branch network throughout England and Wales, we insist that everything we do is on a person-centred level, meaning you won’t find better lifestyle support anywhere else.

Arrange lifestyle support with us

If you are starting to find everyday practical tasks a struggle or would appreciate some emotional support and companionship, you can talk to our friendly customer care team seven days a week. We also have 150 branches in the UK, meaning we’re bound to be on or near your local high street. You also have the reassurance of regionalised service with centralised support at Helping Hands, as every one of our branches is owned and managed by us – we don’t operate franchises. Additionally, with our care services fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, you and your loved ones will know you’re in the best hands. Contact us via our website or request a call back to discover more.

Page reviewed by Rebecca Bennett, Regional Clinical Lead on February 2, 2023