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The Best Mobile Phones For The Elderly

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What Are The Easiest Mobiles For The Elderly To Use?

Before choosing a mobile phone you need to decide what you want it to do for you. For instance, are you only interested in making calls and sending texts, or would you need a fast internet connection that will enable you to use video calling options, or watch streaming services on the move? It’s a myth that all older people want a simple phone, as some people enjoy having a variety of functions to explore, as well as being able to customise the features to suit their preferences. However, it’s true that many people would rather have something that is easy to set up and use, but that can be the case regardless of a person’s age.

Once you know what you want the phone to do, it’s important to choose the features you’d prefer, such as phones with big screens, loud ring tones, or large button models, and we’ve looked more closely at some of these below.

Big Button Phones

If you have dexterity issues or a visual impairment that can mean typing on regular sized phone buttons is difficult, then using a handset that’s specifically designed with larger buttons may help. The majority of mobile phones on the market don’t often come with buttons anymore, however if that is still the phone of choice for you or your loved ones there are models specifically designed for them. There are even handsets designed with safety in mind, such as the Doro 780X which has three quick dial buttons on the front that can be programmed with loved one’s numbers. This can be especially beneficial for someone living with dementia or other forms of memory loss.

Our Top Picks For Big Button Phones

Doro 1370 – This phone has a range of useful features, such as large buttons, direct keys for easy use, calling and SMS for keeping in touch, plus a torch and camera, all for a really low price!

TTfone Mercury 2 TT200 – A small handset with big buttons and plenty of features, for a bargain price! TTfone’s range of mobile phones all have large buttons, large clear displays, and loud volume so are great for anyone with hearing difficulties.

Nokia 130 – This phone is small but handy, and features separated keys for greater usability, a colourful display with clear icons, a camera, plus MP3 player and radio if you like to have music on the move!

Phones With Big Screens

It’s a fact that our vision can deteriorate the older we become, so having a large screen to look at can certainly make a mobile phone easier to use. If you are visually impaired or just prefer to have a larger screen for clarity then there are mobiles that can specifically help with this, such as those below.

Our Top Picks For Big Screened Phones

Doro 2404 – A smart flip-phone design that means it’s compact and easy to carry, this phone has a large 2.4-inch display, separated high-contrast keys, an assistance button for safety, plus a camera to capture precious moments.

Doro 7010 – If you’re keen on using social media and want to access WhatsApp to keep in touch with family and friends, then the extra-large screen on this stylish mobile will do all that and more. With clearer sound thanks to HD voice, a technology that makes it easier for you to hear and be heard, plus an emergency button, this phone packs a punch

iPhone SE – While many older people aren’t looking for 5G connectivity or up to 15 hours of video playback, for tech-savvy seniors who want a touch-screen smartphone, the iPhone SE with its 4.7-inch display is a smart choice for Apple fans who want a more budget-friendly option.

Lightweight Mobiles

While having features such as a large screen or big buttons are perfect for some people, others will want something light and small that they can slip into their pocket or pop in a handbag. Phones have become lighter as the years have gone on, but it makes sense that the larger the phone, the more it’s going to weigh. Having something that is too bulky to use though means it’ll most likely get left at home, defeating the object of having a mobile at all.

Our Top Picks For Lightweight Mobiles

Nokia 105 – Weighing in at just 70 grams, the Nokia 105 is small, but perfectly formed! It has an approximate standby time of 15 days, talk time of 11 hours and is robust enough to stand up to a few knocks.

Alcatel 1 – If you’re looking for a lighter phone with a larger screen, the Alcatel 1 has a 5-inch display and weighs in at 134g. While almost twice the weight of the Nokia 105, the touchscreen capacity will allow you to watch videos in comfort and is still lighter than many comparative handsets.

Nokia 110 – At under 85 grams, the Nokia 110 is a stylish choice that fits comfortably in your pocket or the palm of your hand. With a 1.8-inch display and HD calls over 4G, it’s packed with features that will make keeping in touch easy.

Long Battery-Life Mobiles

Our mobile phones often have to do so much more for us than just calls and texts these days, which is why it’s important that the battery life is good enough to offer functionality without the need to be constantly recharged. For people who may struggle with the fiddly nature of plugging phones in there are many easy-to-use models that come with a charging cradle, such as many of the Doro mobiles, but if you’re looking for long battery life then here are some of the best.

Our Top Picks For Mobiles With A Long Battery Life

Nokia G20 – If you’re looking for a high-spec smartphone with a large screen plus additional fingerprint security, then this could be the one. It has a 6.5-inch display, 48MP camera, yet still boasts a three-day battery life. Impressive.

Nokia 3310 4G – This classic phone will spark nostalgia in many people as it is a re-boot of a phone that was everywhere when first released in 2000. Consequently, this may be a comfortable phone for some people living with dementia who may find the handset reassuring, and with a standby battery life of up to 27 days it delivers on functionality too.

OnePlus Nord CE 2 – This smartphone features super-fast charging and claims to go from flat to full in just half-an-hour. It will also give you almost two days between charges, which considering it is 5G and has an OLED screen is pretty good. It also has a price-point much lower than comparable models.

Durable & Easy To Use Phones

Durability is key if you or a loved-one is prone to dropping their mobile, and ease of use is essential if you’re a bit of a technophobe. A strong body, toughened screen, and durable keys are all important when you need a phone to withstand knocks, and a straightforward interface can make navigating menus a breeze.

Our Top Picks For Durable & Easy To Use Mobiles

Nokia XR 20 – This was the first rugged smartphone to feature Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, which claims to survive drops of up to two meters and is twice as scratch-resistant as their previous glass. This phone also has a red emergency button and is guaranteed to receive four years of security updates with three years of OS updates, plus a free one-year screen replacement, meaning this handset should keep on going.

Nokia 105 – This phone is built with a hard-wearing polycarbonate body, so it’s tough and stays strong, whatever it encounters. It also has separate keys to enhance usability and comes in scratch-resistant colours. It’s also under £25!

Motorola Defy – This phone has been rigorously tested to ensure it can withstand the harshest of conditions. It is drop-proof up to 1.8m, has a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass screen, and is fully waterproof up to 1.5m for 35 minutes. Its functionality means it should go for two days between charges, and is also dust and sand proof!

Helping The Elderly Keep In Contact

At Helping Hands, we are dedicated to supporting you to keep in contact with the important people in your life, and with our compassionate carers in your home to make sure every aspect of your care is delivered, you’ll never be wanting for company.

Our private carers can help you with everything, from your personal care to housework, and they will also be more than happy to help you get the most out of your technology. This means that those important conversations with loved ones far away can happen, and you can enjoy all the benefits of having a mobile phone.

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