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The Best Panic Alarms For The Elderly

Best panic alarms for older people

A panic alarm can be a reassuring tool for older individuals, allowing your loved one to feel safer at home and providing peace of mind for yourself. It could be that your loved one lives alone, or you may have periods of time away from your loved one; whatever your circumstances, panic alarms can bring great comfort.

If you’re looking at investing in a panic alarm, we’ve put together a list of alarm pendants so that you can select the right one for you.

Worries for the elderly living alone

If your loved one is living alone, it is natural to worry. Other work and family commitments may mean you can’t be there 24 hours a day to look after them, or you may not live nearby, which only allows you to visit occasionally. Here are some reasons why leaving a loved one alone may be a worry.

Elderly fall at home

The NHS states, “older people are more vulnerable and likely to fall, especially if they have a long-term health condition.” This can be due to muscle weakness, vision loss, and health conditions like dementia and heart disease. Other factors include safety hazards around the home, such as flooring and lighting.

Falls can lead to broken bones and can cause serious side effects in the long term. Furthermore, if older people are left on their own accord and cannot get up after a fall, this can be a genuine concern. So having a panic alarm can be the safety net your loved one needs.

Taking too much/little medication

As we age, we tend to become forgetful, which can be caused by stress, anxiety or dementia. Forgetfulness and memory loss can be genuine concerns when it comes to medication. Your loved one may forget to take their medication and skip a dose or take too much without realising it.  However, with a personal alarm, your loved one can always contact you to check.

Types of home panic alarm

SureSafeGO 24/7 Monitored

The SureSafeGO Family Monitored alarm lets your loved one contact family and friends directly. It detects falls and automatically calls loved ones without pressing the alarm.

Key features:

  • Fully mobile – Use it at home and out and about
  • Talking pendant – Talk to family and friends directly through the pendant
  • GPS tracking – Identifies where your loved one is and when they need help
  • Geo-Fence – Receive a notification when your loved one leaves a ‘safe zone’ such as their home.
  • You can add up to three nominated contacts
  • Fully digital
  • Shower-proof

Set-up fee: £169.95  Monthly fee: £0 per month

Telecare24 Pendant Alarm

The Telecare24 Pendant Alarm is a small, lightweight device which can be attached to a wristband or a lanyard. To activate the alarm, press the button on the pendant and you will be connected to the care team, who are available 24 hours a day. You can also press the red button on the base unit itself if you need urgent assistance.

Key features:

  • Waterproof – can be used in the shower or bath
  • Up to 100m range
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 12-month contract

Set-up fee: £45.00  Monthly fee: From £13.99 per month.

Taking Care Personal Alarm

Taking Care offers various personal alarms with different features suited to specific needs. They all vary in distance range, size, wearable options, warranty etc. With the touch of a button, you or your loved one are quickly connected to Taking Care’s 24/7 emergency resolution team, who will contact your loved one’s nominated contacts or the emergency service, depending on the situation.

Out and about personal alarms key features:

  • Available as a watch, pendant or keyring
  • GPS tracking
  • Works anywhere in the UK
  • No landline/base units are required
  • Some available with fall detection
  • Dementia locate alarm available

In-home personal alarm key features:

  • Works at home and in the garden
  • Water resistant
  • Can be worn as a neck pendant or on the wrist
  • Some available with smoke detection, fall sensor and home sensors

Set-up fee: From £69.99  Monthly fee: From £16.50 per month

Careline SmartLife Personal Alarm

The Careline SmartLife Personal alarm is available on a monthly and annual plan and connects your loved one to a 24-hour care team. In an emergency, press the red button on the pendant and the care team will respond. The care team will then decide whether to contact a nominated contact or emergency services.

  • 4x faster alarm connection time than a standard monitoring system
  • Range of up to 600m (from base unit and pendant)
  • Lightweight and waterproof pendant
  • 24-hour backup battery
  • Compatible with Careline’s smoke detectors
  • Fall detection service can be added at an extra cost

Set-up fee: £40  Monthly fee: From £19.99 per month

LifeConnect24 SmartLife Personal Alarm

With the SmartLife Personal Alarm, your loved one will have 24-hour access to LifeConnect24’s response team. You will be connected to the team in under 10 seconds.

Key features:

  • No phoneline needed
  • 600m range
  • Lightweight and waterproof pendant
  • Neck pendant option available
  • Add fall detection at an extra cost
  • No charging is required – the battery life is up to seven years

Set-up fee: £35.00  Monthly fee: From £18.99 per month

Alarms SureSafe 24/7 Family Monitored Telecare 24 Pendant Alarm Taking Care Personal Alarm Careline SmartLife Personal Alarm LifeConnect24 SmartLife Personal Alarm
Range Limitless 100 metres From 75 metres 600 metres 600 metres
Initial cost £169.95 £45.00 From £69.99 £40.00 £35.00
Rolling cost (per month) £0.00 from: £13.99 From £16.50 From: £19.99 From £18.99
Emergency call centre 24/7 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water-resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Still worried? Here’s how Helping Hands can help

Alongside the reassurance of a personal alarm, you may find that you or your loved one may need extra support to make life at home easier. Elderly care plans with Helping Hands start from as little as 30 minutes up to 24-hour live-in support, meaning that whatever your needs may be, we’re here to help.

For more information, please call our friendly customer care team or request a callback, and we will contact you.

Page reviewed by Rebecca Bennett, Regional Clinical Lead on March 1, 2023