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Meal Delivery Services For The Elderly

The Benefits Of Meal Delivery Services

Receiving meals direct to your door, as opposed to having to prepare them yourself, can be beneficial in many ways. They can often work out cheaper than if you were to purchase all of the raw ingredients yourself, and you don’t have to cook them from scratch either!

They offer different storage options, such as frozen, fresh, and ones that can be kept in a cupboard, suiting everyone’s choices for how often they use them and how long they want them to last. The majority can also be cooked in just a few minutes via a microwave, so offer convenience, without the need to use an oven or spend hours on preparation. Most services also ensure that their meals are nutritionally balanced and will offer special dietary options too, such as gluten free, vegetarian and low sugar.

Top 5 Meal Delivery Services

There are many different meal delivery services on the market, offering different options depending on what you’re looking for. Perhaps you want the meals you receive to be frozen and ready to take out of the freezer as you need them, before popping into the microwave to cook. Or you might prefer the idea of meals that can be stored in an ordinary cupboard, with long use-by dates, meaning you can have one occasionally when you don’t feel like cooking.

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Established in 1991, Wiltshire Farm Foods offer a range of over 340 meals and deserts that can be cooked in the microwave or oven. They offer free delivery throughout the UK and don’t require a contract or subscription, offering “good old-fashioned service and a friendly face to brighten your day.” There are low sugar, low fat, vegetarian and soft food options, which for people who are on a restricted diet include pureed, minced and bite-sized portions.

I Care

With their reputation for quality, great value and caring service, ICare Cuisine is one of the country’s favourite ready meal services. They’ve been delivering delicious food to customers for over two decades, so you can enjoy great-tasting meals at home without all the hard work. They’ll deliver main meals, deserts and teatime sandwiches so that you can have food at hand whenever you want it, both frozen and ready-cooked, that will be suitable for every meal.

Oakhouse Foods

At Oakhouse Foods, they know how important it is to offer both delicious food, great choice and excellent service. Starting as Home Farm Foods in 1994, their mission was to create delicious, nutritious frozen meals that were quick and easy to enjoy at home. From their home in Wiltshire, they have come a long way in 25 years, yet haven’t lost sight of their core value of making your mealtimes easier. All dishes are flash-frozen to lock in goodness and flavour and there are over 350 options to choose from.

Parsley Box

With Parsley Box there’s no need for a fridge or a freezer! They’ll deliver cupboard stored meals straight to your door which are ready to eat within minutes – and with no subscription required. Everyone in the Parsley Box team sees every meal delivered as a personal invitation. That means a wide selection of meals, sides and puddings, all made with high quality ingredients, speedy delivery and a UK-based customer care team, open Monday to Saturday. There’s also free delivery on all orders over £35 and options for special dietary needs such as low sugar, gluten free and vegetarian.


Launched more than 60 years ago, Appetito has been delivering high quality meals to local authorities for decades, playing a key role in helping society’s most vulnerable people get the nutrition they need. Working closely with Local Authorities and charities, their Community Meals service tailors to the needs of your customers through Meals on Wheels, lunch clubs and day centres. They also deliver food to hospitals, nurseries, schools, care homes and direct to their customers at home via Wiltshire Farm Foods. Fully cooked meals ready to eat can be arranged through your local Meals on Wheels service, and you can receive this up to 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

How Meal Deliveries & Elderly Care Can Keep You Happy & Healthy At Home

By receiving your meals directly at home, you can avoid having to worry about buying raw ingredients or relying on someone else to buy groceries for you, as well as the hassle of preparing them. By having ready-prepared meals delivered to you that can be cooked in a matter of minutes, you can choose what you want to eat just before you eat it, without worrying about whether you have the raw ingredients at home to prepare it.

If you have a caregiver, then it can also benefit them for you to have a meal delivery service, as it will leave them additional time to carry out other tasks for you rather than spend more time than necessary on meal preparation. As one of the UK’s top providers for elderly care at home, we have around 150 branches across England and Wales and local care teams that will ensure you live your best life possible at home. With us, your support is flexible if your needs change and we can offer care on both a visiting and live-in basis, from just 30-minutes per week through to round-the-clock live-in care.

We understand that it can be very difficult to ask for help when you’ve always managed independently, however if you’re finding yourself struggling with age-related frailties, the after-effects of a hospital stay or you’d just appreciate some companionship, talk to our friendly customer care team today, or alternatively request a call back here.