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The Best Clocks For People With Dementia

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According to the Alzheimer’s Society, around 850,000 people are living with dementia in the UK. Sadly, there is no known cure for dementia, but you can manage the condition and continue living an independent lifestyle with proper dementia care.

Most people living with dementia find it difficult to keep track of time. This can be extremely distressing and lead to missed doctor’s appointments, forgotten meals and poor medication management. Fortunately, modern technology can be utilised to support those living with dementia or caring for those with the condition. For instance, dementia clocks have been developed to be user-friendly and help people with dementia keep track of the time. Here is everything you need to know about dementia clocks and their benefits.

Dementia clocks - what's the difference?

A dementia clock is a useful tool that has been specially designed to suit the needs of those with dementia. It can be used to help patients stay orientated and tell the time when they are unable to use regular clocks effectively. Dementia clocks generally display information such as letters and numbers on a highly visible round face. Reminders of time, day and date are usually included, and some models feature add-ons such as large calendars and LED digital displays. When placed around the home, these clocks allow those living with dementia to see the time and date, thus reducing the confusion and anxiety associated with being unable to tell the time.

There are various types of dementia clocks on the market. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Day clocks – These clocks offer a simple design that tells the time of day i.e. morning, afternoon, evening or night. Day clocks do not tell the actual time, but they are useful for people who struggle to differentiate between day and night.
  • Day/night clocks – These clocks display the time and have a background that changes depending on the time of day. For instance, the background may show a sun and blue sky during the day, then change to a black background with stars during the evening.
  • Digital clocks – These have large LCD displays that clearly show the time, day and date. You can usually programme digital clocks with alarms to remind you or your loved one to do tasks at certain times of the day.
  • Talking clocks – These allow those with dementia to find out the time and date through simple voice commands.

Why buy dementia-friendly clocks?

Memory loss and losing track of time are typical symptoms of dementia. Being unable to tell the time can be extremely frustrating and lead to serious consequences, such as missed doctor appointments and late medicine doses. It can also make it difficult for those with dementia to complete their daily tasks independently and the symptoms often worsen as the condition progresses.

A dementia clock is a useful tool that can help people with dementia stay on top of the time. This allows them to remain organised and feel in control of their daily activities. A dementia clock can also be used by those living with the condition and their caregivers to help them establish a daily routine, easing some of the anxiety that often accompanies a dementia diagnosis. Your loved one is likely to benefit from a dementia clock if you notice that they are struggling to keep track of time. For instance, they forget important family events, they often ask what time it is or they cannot differentiate between day and night. If your loved one presents any of these signs, then a dementia clock is likely to be useful to them.

Where can I buy clocks for someone with dementia?

Dementia clocks have become hugely popular in recent years and there are many places where you can purchase specialist clocks for dementia patients; for example, you can find an excellent range of dementia clocks for sale on the Alzheimer’s Society website. Make sure you read customer reviews and choose a quality model with the features that your loved one requires.