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Parkinson’s care

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Specialist support at home for those living with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a life-changing condition. It progressively impacts part of the brain, and leads to a number of symptoms that are difficult to manage, including tremors, slow movement, memory problems, anosmia (the loss of smell) and stiff muscles.

However, being diagnosed with Parkinson’s doesn’t mark the end of an individual’s life. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you or your loved one should leave home and move into a residential care home – not when we offer home-based nursing led Parkinson’s care. Whether a few hours a week to help during the early or maintenance phase of the condition or through to to longer periods of care at the advanced, complex or palliative stages of Parkinsons – we can help.

Parkinson’s home care from specialist carers

A Helping Hands professional visiting carer can help minimise the disruption of a Parkinson’s diagnosis by providing the necessary levels of support you need to help you cope. Importantly, our visiting care service works on the premise that we empower you to stay in control of your routine and medication. We will encourage you to lead as active a life as possible.

Trained to provide Parkinson’s support, our carers can also provide help around the home, as well as personal care. From cooking meals and putting the washing machine on, to helping with more sensitive issues, like toileting and bathing – a Helping Hands carer can support you or your loved one in a number of ways.

When our carers are not helping the people they care for with the medical aspects of Parkinson’s support, or helping out around the home, they love nothing more than a chat over a cup of tea. Many of our carers have struck up friendships, spanning years, with their customers.

We recognise that continuity and consistency are important elements in any type of care. With our Parkinson’s care we don’t rotate carers. You or your loved one can rest assured you’ll receive the support your need without having to endure any upheaval.

What does our Parkinson’s care include?

  • Support with personal care that is tailored to your needs.
  • Visiting care that is responsive and can adapt as your needs change, supporting complex medication regimes.
  • Carers who are experienced in caring for customers with Parkinson’s.
  • Short regular visits through to longer visits, night care, respite or a full time live-in carer.
  • Emotional support, as well as promoting independence and restoring confidence.
  • Fall prevention and management – working with you and your OT to ensure your environment is working with, not against you.
  • Support with reduced mobility – your independence is key.
  • Familiarity – symptoms of Parkinson’s are less heightened in familiar and comfortable surroundings of home.
  • Help around the house with the housekeeping tasks that are proving difficult.

Parkinson’s support – Molly’s story

Molly’s Parkinson’s care was provided by her husband Eric. Together, at the home they shared for more than 40 years, they managed Molly’s symptoms. When Eric sadly passed away, Molly’s family turned to an hourly visiting care service to provide regular support for their mother. However, it soon transpired that Molly’s condition was deteriorating.

Helping Hands worked closely with Molly’s daughter to find a carer to support Molly. Molly made it clear that she wanted to maintain her independence, both in and outside the home. With the help and encouragement of her carer, who provided support with her balance and movement, Molly was able to do this. The two bonded over their love of cooking.

Together, they also work on Parkinson’s specific physiotherapy exercises, to improve Molly’s co-ordination and balance.

The Parkinson’s support provided by her private carer has made a positive difference to Molly’s life. But above all it means that Molly and her family don’t have to worry about her welfare. They can focus on spending quality time together.

Page reviewed by Raj Senniappan, Occupational Therapist on November 10, 2021

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