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What our team says about Helping Hands

Our team shares what it's like to work at Helping Hands.

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Working as a carer means that I have dedicated my life and would not like to change it for anything.”… more

Levente, a live-in carer

I am driven and motivated by knowing that I can wake up each day knowing that I will be helping someone in need.”… more

Beverley, a live-in carer from South Africa

“The relationships I establish with my customers are very rewarding. I love that my customers look forward to my visits.”… more

George, a visiting carer

I really enjoy my role and work with some fantastic people who are very supportive, not just of me, but also of each other.”… more

Jane, Carer Services Manager

“I love being able to help others; seeing them smile is really inspiring for me.”… more

Ricardo, a live-in carer

“It’s hugely rewarding setting up support for people with clinical needs, who perhaps don’t think it’s possible to live in their own home.”… more

Mel, Head of Clinical Care

“Giving time to those who need support is something truly special. It’s not something that can be taught in a text book.”… more

Mareta, a live-in carer from Australia

“I feel very much appreciated by the managers and staff, and feel that they are very flexible and helpful.”… more

Alison, a live-in carer from Spain

“If I could sum up my experience as a live-in carer in three words, they would be enjoyment, laughter, and fulfilment.”… more

Felicity, a live-in carer

“Making a positive and significant difference to the sometimes very challenging lives of people is, frankly, what this job is all about.”… more

Richard, a visiting carer

“I’ve been a carer for 18 years and never thought about being anything else. Care is so rewarding, makes you feel good, and I’ve met amazing people.”

Mandy, a visiting carer

“Being part of a motivated team is really important to me and we have a great team spirit here.”

Kate, a recruitment advisor

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