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Experienced nurse Levante joins as a live-in carer from Transylvania

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Posted on 7th February 2017.
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Levante worked as a nurse for 10 years

Experienced nurse, Levante, joined us this month to become a live-in carer, all the way from the beautiful and historic Transylvania. A considerate and warm-hearted person, we caught up with Levante to learn about his journey and why he decided to join Helping Hands.

What makes a Helping Hands carer so special is their dedication and passion. Some of them even travel hundreds of miles to join us at our training centre in Warwickshire, eager to advance their skills and take the next step in their career.

One of those people is Levante. This is his story.

Over 10 years’ experience in nursing

Levante first had a taste of what it means to be a carer at a young age when his grandmother became ill. Along with his parents, Levente helped to keep his grandmother comfortable and was a loving companion for her at a very difficult time.

He has since gone on to gain over 10 years’ experience working as a nurse, something which he takes great pride in having accomplished and which enhanced his care skills and his adaptability. Not only that, but he has been further inspired by his sister, who currently works as a doctor.

“I don’t think being a carer is necessarily easy, but it is very rewarding,” Levente says. “For me working as a carer means that I have dedicated my life and would not like to change it for anything. Being a carer means a lot of respect, empathy, patience and self-control. If you are a good carer, you can be proud of yourself because you do a genuine, useful and rewarding job.

“It is not easy to work with people and sometimes it can be challenging,” he adds, “but I think it can be also very eventful and make you feel very grateful.”

Deciding to work as a carer in the UK

Having worked for so long within the health care sector, Levente came across Helping Hands and read about our values and commitment to our customers.

As a person who has an incredibly strong connection with his own family, Levente was particularly impressed by how Helping Hands has been family owned for 28 years. He decided to come along to our training week where he continued to be impressed and delighted by what he learnt.

“I had a great five days training and Helping Hands gave me and the rest of the recruits a lot of support,” Levente explains. “I think these are the things that make you as a carer feel valued and we know how important we are as representative of Helping Hands.”

While in school, Levente learned a lot about the UK from his English teacher, and he was excited to have the chance to develop his career over here.

My advice to all new carers

Being able to face challenges successfully and with confidence makes Levente feel very proud and he is keen for the new carers joining Helping Hands to share this confidence.

“My advice for any prospective carers is simple,” says Levente. “Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to face new challenges!”

Our live-in carers work cover areas all across England and Wales. If you or a loved one needs some extra assistance, call us today on 0808 274 9369 or find out more about our live-in care services.

Interested in working as a live-in carer? Apply to become a carer at Helping Hands.

Sally Tomkotowicz