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Read Helping Hands’ latest news and the real-life stories from our customers and carers across the country. Our blog also provides an insight into how home care works and how we’re supporting adults of all ages, each and every day.

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Taking care of the carer

One in 10 adults in the UK are carers in some form. That’s around seven million people. Many carers are unpaid, voluntarily giving their time to look after a family member or friend to make sure they have everything they need. But who is there to look after the carer themselves? Respite care is a […]

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Respite care – a family lifeline

Being a full-time carer for a loved one can be exhausting and, at times, isolating. You may sometimes feel as though you are working constantly and never have time for yourself. Respite care can be an invaluable tool to allow you the breaks you need. Juggling your everyday responsibilities, supporting a member of your family and […]

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Signs that your aging parents need help

Growing older, is, for most of us a fact of life. And one which does not necessarily come without its difficulties. It can be upsetting to watch our loved ones age, and potentially change. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that things have to change, or you have to compromise your former way of life. Accepting […]

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Dementia is more than just memory

When someone says the word ‘dementia’ to you, the first thing you’ll think of will probably be memory. While difficulties with memory, either short or long-term, is a significant symptom of various types of dementia, there are other warning signs which you should be mindful of. Dementia and changes in the senses Many people affected […]

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Talking about end of life options with loved ones

Having a conversation with a relative about how they want to spend their final stages of life is rarely easy. Whether it’s due to elderly age or a long-term health condition, talking about end of life care, while difficult, ensures that your loved one is able to live their last days in comfort. By starting […]

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An emotional Remembrance Day for Lester

As Big Ben struck 11am on November 11th, millions of people gathered at memorial services across the country to pay their respects on Remembrance Sunday, and the Cenotaph in London saw wreaths laid to honour those who gave the greatest sacrifice for their country. Among them was Lester (seen pictured on the left), a truly […]

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