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Read our latest blog posts about dementia care and the customers we’re supporting each and every day so they can continue to live in their homes.


Dementia doesn’t hold back artist Heather!

Today I met Heather, a lovely lady with a huge personality and although she still needed a little assistance (as she suffers with Vascular Dementia) she is vociferously independent. Heather hails from Scotland, and she is a very proud Scot – as a child, she grew up with a younger brother in the Wirral, and […]

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Mother’s Day tips for loved ones with Dementia

Making Mother’s Day enjoyable for a loved one with Dementia Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to spend time with the whole family, but the celebration can be stressful for people living with Dementia. Our Dementia specialist Tiffany Smith, has some helpful advice for families on how to make Mother’s Day more enjoyable for a […]

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New Dementia Online Tool

At Helping Hands, we’re always looking for ways to improve daily care: for the person being cared for, for families, and for the carers themselves. As a result we’d like to introduce an innovative online care system that we think will prove very beneficial for all those involved in the care of your loved one […]

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Checking the quality of Dementia Care

Quality Dementia Care from Helping Hands The Helping Hands’ specialist Dementia service is continually developing, with over 50% of our customers over the age of 65 living with a form of the condition. When providing high quality dementia care in the home, Helping Hands ensures comprehensive staff training in order to empower our teams in […]

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Dementia Awareness Week – The Dementia Diet

During Dementia Awareness Week we’re looking at the effect Dementia can have on appetite and dementia care strategies for improving nutrition and eating environments. The cause of weight loss in dementia differs at every stage and depends on the individual, however some of the contributing factors can be: • A reduced food intake due to ‘forgetting […]

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Thinking about Dementia

Young or old we all have a duty to better understand and recognise the signs of Dementia. It’s completely normal for memory to be affected by age, stress, tiredness or certain illnesses and medications. This can be tiresome if it happens occasionally, but if it begins affecting yours – or your loved ones – family […]

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Dementia Care at Home – Can it help?

If you are exploring the options of how to support a loved one with dementia, considering dementia care at home is now at the top of many families’ lists. If diagnosed with dementia, many people may want to stay in their own home for as long as possible, close to the people they love, and […]

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