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Read our latest blog posts about live-in care and the customers we’re supporting each and every day so they can continue to stay in their homes.


Live-in care has changed our lives

Mum would not consider a ‘stranger’ living with her These are words from Joan’s daughter Amanda who, in a candid interview shares with us the realities of parent ageing, the decisions we need to take and the outcome of the choices they made as a family. In reality what first felt like an impossibility has […]

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Nursing home or Live In Care

“I don’t want to go into a nursing home.” Perhaps the hardest struggle we see every day is families trying to find the best care solution for their loved ones. Mr Dore, one of our customers’ sons, sums up the emotional struggle he personally felt when finding care for his 93 year old mother. Born […]

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Advantages of Home Care

Making the choice between a nursing home and care at home Considering the type of care you or your loved one would most benefit from can be a difficult choice to make. It can be a confusing time, trying to decide on what option would be best, and weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of […]

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Elderly Support

Different Levels of Elderly Care and Support Stage by Stage Choosing home care for an elderly member of your family is a difficult decision to be confronted with. You may have noticed signs that your elderly parents or your partner needs extra help with day to day living. Or if you already receive some hourly […]

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Live-in Live-Out Care

The placements at Helping Hands are so varied that we have positions to suit almost every kind of Carer and customer. Tracey has been our customer since 2005 and to start with she had no idea how much the care she received would change her life. With an individualised service which incorporates both hourly and […]

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Let’s talk elderly care alternatives

15 May 2014 Tim Lee, Chief Executive of Helping Hands has seen expectations change over the 25 years of the businesses history. “Not only are our families and elderly generations acutely aware of the increasing pressure being placed on the healthcare system, but there is a shift towards people, quite rightly, demanding their independence and […]

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The Real Cost of Home Care

Independent research carried out recently has highlighted the costs associated with keeping someone independent in their own home. We were surprised at the costs for someone who is receiving traditional Domiciliary Care Vs the cost of Live-In Care. The research was carried out in the Cambridgeshire area for an 80 year old gentleman requiring support […]

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