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Read our latest blog posts about live-in care and the customers we’re supporting each and every day so they can continue to stay in their homes.


Why independence is important

We each have our own tastes, interests and characteristics that make us all unique. Even if you need a little extra support, you should still have the freedom to be your individual self. Read more about why independence is important, especially when it comes to care. Live-in care allows you to have the best of […]

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A typical day of live-in care

Live-in care, as its name suggests, sees a carer move into your home with you to support with any day-to-day tasks you may be finding difficult. Whether it’s helping you to get dressed first thing in the morning or making sure you’re safe and comfortable at night, a live-in carer will be by your side […]

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Care homes are not the only option

Homes aren’t just buildings – they’re places that hold special memories and where we feel the safest. Sadly, many families believe that the only way for their loved one to get the right care is by moving into a care or nursing home – away from their home comforts. Admitting your loved one needs some […]

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Live-in care has changed our lives

Mum would not consider a ‘stranger’ living with her These are words from Joan’s daughter Amanda who, in a candid interview shares with us the realities of parent ageing, the decisions we need to take and the outcome of the choices they made as a family. In reality what first felt like an impossibility has […]

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Nursing home or Live In Care

“I don’t want to go into a nursing home.” Perhaps the hardest struggle we see every day is families trying to find the best care solution for their loved ones. Mr Dore, one of our customers’ sons, sums up the emotional struggle he personally felt when finding care for his 93 year old mother. Born […]

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Advantages of Home Care

Making the choice between a nursing home and care at home Considering the type of care you or your loved one would most benefit from can be a difficult choice to make. It can be a confusing time, trying to decide on what option would be best, and weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of […]

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