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Margaret the artist

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Posted on 21st February 2022.

Meet Margaret Bradley, a Helping Hands customer with incredible talent and passion when it comes to art. We wanted to show off her amazing work and tell you a little bit more about her…

“I have been a client of Helping Hands since 2013 after I had a stroke in April, and I quickly realised that my life would never be the same again. I have led a very interesting life full of many challenges, but the one thing that has remained a constant through the years has been my love of art.

Margaret 02

I was told that my passion for art almost certainly began when I was two years old, and my granny gave me pencil and paper, and I attempted to draw a porcelain donkey; unfortunately, there is no evidence of this artwork. Still, the seeds were sown, and I continued to be involved in all school lessons, which involved art in the subject, i.e., nature, geography, biology, ancient history, arts and crafts. Apart from these, my art lapsed during my teens as I got interested in dancing, going out and boys. I was lucky to find my soulmate when I was seventeen, married at nineteen, and we were together for 53 years until he sadly died of mesothelioma in 2011. I had drawn for the children but did little else as my husband was in the army, and we moved around a lot.

Margaret 03

Margaret 01

We are pleased to see Margaret has reunited with the pens, pencils and paint, showcasing her amazing artwork for us all to enjoy!

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