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Learn more about how we’re supporting thousands of individuals – of all ages – to stay in their own homes and live the lives they choose.


The winning carers of the 2017 Helping Hands’ Values Awards

Each year we pay a special tribute to four carefully selected carers whose hard work demonstrates our company values: Listening & Understanding, Focussing on People, Building on Success, and Excellence Every Time. This year, those carers are Maureen whose presence won over the family she was supporting, Vicky who assisted a customer to cross a […]

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Colette wins an award for living our company values

Colette, one of our live-in carers, has been with us since 2015. During this time, she’s been involved in supporting individuals requiring palliative care and those living with dementia. This month, because of the dedication she shows her customers, we were delighted to surprise Colette with the Helping Hands Building on Success award. Giving people […]

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Knowing when it’s time for home care

There may be a time when you think you need extra support with everyday life. Perhaps daily household tasks are becoming increasingly difficult? Perhaps you need help with personal care? Or have you noticed that your partner or loved one is struggling to cope with everyday activities or taking care of themselves? These difficulties could […]

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Top tips for keeping safe and warm this winter

While the cooler weather may be a welcome retreat from the often stuffy, warm days of summer, it can bring several hazards, particularly for the elderly. Winter can be a challenge for those that struggle with mobility, or have conditions such as osteoporosis, as the risk of slips and falls increases in icy conditions. At […]

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