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Mobile technology tracking home care visits

There’s no mistake that we’re feet-first in a digital age – one of instant alerts about the international news of the day right through to all the local gossip from friends and family. It’s also a time of utilising mobile technology for daily tasks, whether it’s getting step-by-step directions, booking a holiday or paying a […]

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Caregiver advice: deciding on help for a young adult

If you’re a full-time caregiver for your adult son or daughter – or are considering becoming one – opening your circle of support to ask for extra help can be difficult at first. Although it’s natural for you to want to support a loved one yourself, as the years go by, the lifelong commitment can […]

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Personal care and the role of the carer

Personal care, including support with bathing, dressing and sometimes toileting, is often an essential part of the role of a carer. And it’s about more than just preventing bacteria and viruses – the sensation of being clean and dry works towards being comfortable and content, as well as happy. Needing help with personal care doesn’t […]

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Living with a rare condition: when is the time for extra support?

David is from Devon and lives with the rare recessive condition called Friedreich’s ataxia. After receiving ongoing support from his family for many years, particularly from his mother, David’s sister recognised that it was time for some extra help and started looking at the options for live-in care. Living with Friedreich’s ataxia In the UK, […]

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