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What is complex care?

Complex care is person-centered specialist support for someone with a chronic or long-term health condition, that requires extra assistance to manage their symptoms and daily activities to enable a high quality of life.

This type of care differs from general domiciliary care because it usually involves medical intervention of some sort and involvement with clinicians and nurses that specialise in that individual’s particular condition. Complex care can include any condition that requires clinical support, such as Parkinson’s, acquired brain injuries or a neurological condition. It can also be provided if someone requires nursing care as a result of their primary condition, for example, a PEG feeding tube after someone has had a stroke.

The aim of complex care at home is to provide support around an individual’s needs and enable them to retain their independence as much as possible.

How long can I have complex care for?

The aim of complex care from Helping Hands is to enable you, as much as possible, to do the things you want to do, whilst being surrounded by the place you know and love the most; your home. With that in mind, our packages of care are completely individual to you, which means they’re flexible and can adapt around your changing needs too.

We recognise that everyone’s care situation is completely different – whether you’ve just come out of hospital and need care for a for weeks or months to help you get you back on your feet, or if you have a complex condition that you’ve lived with since birth and want to be able to live by yourself. That’s why we offer different types of support, which include the following:

Live-in care

Live-in care offers round-the-clock support to you in your home, so you can receive the care you need whenever you require it. Residing with you in your home, a live-in carer will stay with you day and night, getting to know everything about you and your routines whilst providing bespoke care. And because we understand how unsettling it may be to invite someone you don’t know to live in your home with you, we’ll work with you to select the perfect care for you, in both care experience and personality. To find out what is live in care, please click here.

Visiting care

Visiting care is dedicated home care on an hourly basis that allows you to choose when and how you need support. Carers may pop in twice a week or several hours a day to give you the support you need – whether that’s personal care and help to prepare your meals, light housework, taking you to appointments or general companionship. Visiting carers may also be involved in your care to provide a rest break for your live-in carer.

Respite care

Respite care is designed to be delivered on a short-term basis from either a live-in carer or visiting carer. You may choose respite care if your regular caregiver needs to take a break to recharge their batteries, if you’ve just been discharged from hospital and need extra help while you recover or if you want to take a holiday or attend a celebration but are unable to by yourself. We’ll ensure that you have a carer who is able to deliver the right level of complex care that you require.

Our complex care packages are overseen by our team of clinical experts. So, whether you need 24-hour care as your condition progresses or daily visits from a local carer to support with a catheter, our Nurse team will work closely with your care manager to ensure you have exactly the right care in place for you.

Who can benefit from complex care support?

Anyone living with a long-term, progressive illness or injury can benefit from complex care. Overseen by our team of clinical nurses with years of medical experience and expertise, we will ensure that you have the right level of care in place for you that enables you to live well with your condition, whilst being surrounded with your home comforts.

There is a wide variety of different health conditions and symptoms that Helping Hands can provide support with. They include:

We’ll get to know you and everything about your condition and symptoms that you need support with. That way, you can receive bespoke, person-centred care at home, enabling you to live the life you want to lead on your terms.

What goes into a complex support plan?

A complex care support plan will include all of the details relating to an individual’s health care needs, including any diagnosis that they may have, and the treatment required. Written in first person, a support plan is centred around the individual and their wishes, and will include important information such as their next of kin and other medical professionals involved in their care.

support plan Support plans also give detailed information and instructions to carers, ensuring that they deliver care exactly as agreed with the customer during their initial assessment. Support plans can be altered at any time by the customer’s care manager and are always reviewed every six months.

Complex care support plans will have involvement from a clinical nurse, who will work closely with the care manager carrying out the initial assessment to ensure all aspects of the customer’s clinical care requirements are catered for. For example, there may be specific instructions for someone with a stoma and the amount of support a carer is to deliver.

Following the Activity of Daily Living nurse-based model, support plans are designed to enable an individual to lead as independent a life as possible, ensuring they have a safe environment and appropriate support to do so.

Arranging complex care

If you would like to arrange complex care for yourself or a loved one, you can call us today and speak to a member of our customer care team. They will discuss your care needs and arrange a consultation with a local care manager and clinical nurse.

We can also support those who are entitled to fully or partially funded care. Find out more about the different funding options for long-term care here.

Download a copy of our complex care guide here.

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Complex Care FAQs

Complex care is a specialist form of support available to those with a chronic or long-term health condition, who require extra assistance to manage their symptoms and complete day-to-day activities.

Complex care management is a package of care designed to effectively assist patients and their caregivers in managing medical conditions. This may involve support from our clinical team and will require us to work alongside other health professionals, such as GPs, social workers and district nurses.

A complex care nurse leads a tailored package of care delivered by a team of carers to patients with significant, long-term and complex healthcare issues, such as chronic illness or a neurological condition.

People with complex mental health needs typically experience significant, rare or persistent mental health challenges that impact their day-to-day activities, including personal care, work/education and in the community. Our CQC-accredited carers will work with you to manage your symptoms and enable you to live your life independently.

Page reviewed by Kerry Feltwell, Regional Clinical Lead on November 22, 2021

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