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Extra support to help you stay at home

Finding out that you or a loved one is suffering from Huntington’s disease is a huge shock. At Helping Hands we understand that the impact on the person and those closest to them can be devastating.

Our fully trained staff are able to provide a range of high quality services and care to help you and your family manage the different challenges of Huntington’s disease without the need of you or your loved one leaving their/your home.

A live-in carer can support you with:

  • Managing anxiety or loneliness
  • Maintaining general health and ease symptoms, such as helping you to establish a regular exercise routine and to eat and drink well
  • Taking medicines you need and attend medical appointments to keep you as well as possible
  • Doing general chores around your home such as cleaning, laundry and shopping
  • Helping with personal care and hygiene
  • Living the end of your life in your own home, in dignity the way you want

Each person and their family will have a different experience of Huntington’s, so a unique care plan that gives you the care and support you need, when and how you want it is important.

Symptoms change and develop over time, so we will regularly talk to you to about any changes that you may need to alter in your care and support plan.

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