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Helping Hands given a glowing report by independent ethical practices reviewer

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Posted on 26th October 2023.

In 2023 an independent ethical practices review of Helping Hands was carried out by Jane Bladon of Tyler Bladon Practical Ethics, and we’re pleased to say that we came out with a glowing report. We take our responsibilities as an employer very seriously and everything we do at Helping Hands is tailored to making sure our employees are fully supported to deliver the very best care to our customers.

Jane took a particular interest in the experiences of our live-in carers arriving from South Africa, wanting to ensure that they weren’t exposed to any unethical practices or potential modern slavery concerns at any point in their recruitment journey. She interviewed carers on the frontline, senior members of the team, and colleagues working in the central hub to discover exactly what our people said about working for Helping Hands, assuring confidentiality so that honesty would be achieved.

Here’s just some of what Jane had to say about her experiences with Helping Hands:

“The dedication of all the colleagues I have had the pleasure of meeting has been evident in our exchanges which is the main reason I believe that they are so committed to supporting their internal teams and continuing to provide high ethical standards of service. Their shared vision runs continuously as a heartbeat through the business, and I believe this distinctive detail will protect the Helping Hands brand, and all those working within the business and contribute strongly to its continued success.

Due to the carers coming from overseas, the best practice is to check the recruitment route to mitigate any concerns of Human Trafficking/ Modern Slavery happening. I have gathered the relevant information, provided to me, and spoke to some of the group of carers from the recent assessment to understand the stages of their journey for work in the UK, focusing on their initial enquiries and applications for working for Helping Hands.

Before candidates are approved to come to the UK, they attend an assessment day in South Africa, at the Helping Hands registered location, which is run by two members of the SA Helping Hands team. This is an excellent idea for the potential carers to meet representatives of the company that they will be working for at the first stage of their application, and a valuable piece to give them the information provided to find out more and check if the role will suit them before they commit and take their journey to the UK.

Research shows a higher risk of labour exploitation occurring in the care sector when agencies are involved in the recruitment and placement process. With Helping Hands employing their carers directly, with no agencies present in the chain, a lot of these identified risks are mitigated. There is a strong focus on the carer’s documentation & records, and well-being. If night-time disturbances occur, these are monitored, and sufficient steps are taken to cover the night times to help the live-in carer. Assessments are carried out at every location in detail before any carers are placed, breaks are covered with other carers to allow the suitable rest periods needed, and detail in matching skills and personalities together to help the process run smoothly for the engagement in carers to clients’ lives, this is just a few of the examples of robust focused, strong processes in place.”

We are highly encouraged that Jane found so much to celebrate at Helping Hands, and she recognised that our carers really are the beating heart of our company. So if you’re looking for a rewarding role as a live-in carer in the UK, get in touch with us today. It might just be the best move you ever made!

If you would like to read Jane’s full report or our Modern Slavery statement, you can do so here.

Sarah Franklin Content Writer
About Sarah joined Helping Hands in November 2016, working initially as a member of the Training and Development team due to her qualification in post-16 teaching. She has since moved into the Marketing team as a content writer, where she enjoys writing creatively for search and customer information. Read Sarah's full profile