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How being a live-in carer changed my life

Angela Murison, a live-in carer who trained with us in April, talks about her experience so far at Helping Hands and how it has changed her life… “I joined Helping Hands because the company happened to be recruiting in South Africa, and after having personal experience of caring for someone else, I wanted to find […]

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Tips for keeping cool in warmer weather

It’s that time of year again; the nights are longer, the weather is warmer and the barbeques are out in full force. Yet when the mercury starts to rise, it can be quite uncomfortable for the elderly or those living with dementia. Overheating at any time can be a problem. Not only is it uncomfortable […]

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Top tips on maintaining a healthy diet

Who doesn’t love chip shop chips with a slice of bread and butter for tea? Or jam roly-poly with custard for afters? Knowing what to eat throughout the day can be confusing, especially for those living with dementia. Have you noticed that we often choose the easy options that are usually packaged, processed, quick to […]

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30 years of Helping Hands

This year marks our 30th birthday and we’re incredibly proud of the journey we have been on so far. From humble beginnings in the heart of Warwickshire to 98 branches across the UK – we are passionate about providing industry-renowned care that is heart-felt and tailored to the needs of our customers. With over 40,000 […]

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30 tips on supporting young adults

Many people associate care companies with support for the elderly – usually those aged over 65 and over. Yet there are a huge number of young adults that require support on a daily basis in order to lead an independent life. At Helping Hands, the term ‘young adults’ refers to anyone from the age of […]

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Living with Alzheimer’s – Common Symptoms and Treatments

As one of the UK’s leading Dementia Home Care Specialists, we understand how the effects of this group of conditions can impact upon people’s lives.  We’ve created a series of blogs on the different types of dementia and how you and your family can live well with whichever condition you or your loved one has. With […]

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Celebrating a birthday for someone living with dementia

With over 850,000 individuals in the UK living with dementia, there are more people than ever being diagnosed with the condition. And when the time comes to celebrate important birthdays, it can often be confusing and unsettling for your loved one with dementia. It’s not that they don’t want to celebrate their birthday – it […]

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Helping Hands celebrates 30 years in home care

During May, Helping Hands Home Care will celebrate the company’s 30th year in providing quality care – with the help of some of their most loyal and longest-standing customers. To commemorate this milestone in the company’s history, Chairman Tim Lee visited two customers who have collectively received care from the company for nearly 40 years, […]

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Mobility exercises for the elderly

As time goes by, it’s inevitable that things change physically and mentally for all of us. Our memories start to become a little hazier, we take a little bit longer to do the things we used to be able to do and our bodies just don’t react the way they used to – especially if […]

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Sweethearts Jerry and Ella share their story

Meet Jerry and Ella Charles. They found each other over 40 years ago when Jerry was a customer in Ella’s sweet shop and have been inseparable ever since.  Since June 2017, the Helping Hands team in Barnet have been providing visiting care for the couple who live in Southgate, North London. After a period of […]

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