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Helping Hands honoured as one of the best places to work in 2018

A GLASSDOOR EMPLOYEES’ CHOICE AWARD WINNER Helping Hands Homecare has been honoured with a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, recognising the Best Places to Work in 2018. The Employees’ Choice Awards, now in its tenth year overall (and fourth year in the UK), relies solely on the input of employees. These employees elect to provide feedback […]

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Cardiff’s ray of Sunshine: growing a career in care work

It was the feeling of being “stuck in a rut” that inspired Cardiff-based Sunshine Leon to take her first steps into a career in care. At the time she was working in retail and, knowing her natural flair for supporting others, her friends gently encouraged her to apply. After two years of working as a […]

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The winning carers of the 2017 Helping Hands’ Values Awards

Each year we pay a special tribute to four carefully selected carers whose hard work demonstrates our company values: Listening & Understanding, Focussing on People, Building on Success, and Excellence Every Time. This year, those carers are Maureen whose presence won over the family she was supporting, Vicky who assisted a customer to cross a […]

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Colette wins an award for living our company values

Colette, one of our live-in carers, has been with us since 2015. During this time, she’s been involved in supporting individuals requiring palliative care and those living with dementia. This month, because of the dedication she shows her customers, we were delighted to surprise Colette with the Helping Hands Building on Success award. Giving people […]

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Knowing when it’s time for home care

There may be a time when you think you need extra support with everyday life. Perhaps daily household tasks are becoming increasingly difficult? Perhaps you need help with personal care? Or have you noticed that your partner or loved one is struggling to cope with everyday activities or taking care of themselves? These difficulties could […]

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Concerned about taking a break? The options for respite care

When you care for somebody, it’s natural that you might have concerns about taking a break. However, it’s also important to know it’s okay to take a break when you need to, and we’re here to help if you do. You shouldn’t feel guilty There are many reasons why you might feel like you can’t […]

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Surprise visits for the carers who are living our values

Here at Helping Hands, our people are at the heart of what we do. From our wonderful carers who are out every single day supporting families across England and Wales, through to our management teams, people are what make us who we are. Last week, we dropped on two of our carers who have been […]

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Ian’s journey into care: from care coordinator to software specialist

There’s much more to software than meets the eye. That’s certainly the case for Helping Hands software specialist, Ian Clayfield, who began his career supporting live-in carers in St Albans. As Ian celebrates five years at Helping Hands, find out more about his journey into care. A natural interest in supporting people As a university […]

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