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How seeking support for Mum sparked a career in care

Many of the carers we welcome to our team have had their own experiences of supporting their own families. For Lise, a care assistant in St Albans, it was after her mother experienced a fall that sparked a series of events that led her to Helping Hands. Lise shares how she came to hear about […]

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Why independence is important

We each have our own tastes, interests and characteristics that make us all unique. Even if you need a little extra support, you should still have the freedom to be your individual self. Read more about why independence is important, especially when it comes to care. Live-in care allows you to have the best of […]

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Let’s talk! The importance of daily social interaction

When was the last time you had a good catch-up with a family member or friend? You might not realise it, but that might have been just what they needed. Even if they seem fine and happy, feelings of loneliness can come on suddenly. Even with today’s technology and social media, face-to-face interactions are incredibly […]

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Staying hydrated and cool in hot weather

During the hot summer months, staying hydrated is vital. Dehydration affects us all during heatwaves but those with respiratory difficulties or conditions such as Alzheimer’s are especially at risk, as are young children and the elderly. When the temperature starts to rise, these simple steps from our care team can ensure that you and those […]

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Assessing the situation – knowing when to call in the help

It’s not always easy to realise that you or a loved one needs a little extra support. Even approaching the topic in the first place can be challenging, especially if your loved one is concerned about losing some of their independence. Making that call for help can take a lot of courage at first, but […]

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Exercise and activity ideas for your loved one with dementia

You only need to watch the television or listen to the radio to hear messages about the importance of exercise on general health and wellbeing. But for people with dementia, exercise is especially important. There have been recent, conflicting reports which question whether or not exercise addresses the symptoms of dementia, but what has been […]

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How I’m making a difference: returning to the UK for care work

Some of our carers have arrived from countries across Europe and even from as far as New Zealand. Though they all started their care journeys at different points, our worldwide search for carers has uncovered some true gems. Take Jackie and Tina for example. After leaving the UK to set up new careers in Spain, […]

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Carbon monoxide – is your home safe?

The dangers of carbon monoxide have been flagged up in news reports for years. Just last month, The Guardian reported that carbon monoxide poisoning was the likely cause of death of two people – and hospitalised five others – at a property in north London. We take a look at the warning signs of leaking […]

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Opening the door – working with mental health

“Leaving the house, closing the front door and walking down the street all seem the most normal and quite natural of tasks for most people,” writes visiting carer Amy from Plymouth. “However, for some people, there are unseen conditions that prevent these very simple tasks.” Amy supports people with various needs and requirements including those […]

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