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Living with dementia: Ken’s story

Ken was diagnosed with vascular dementia following a stroke in 2015. He began receiving visiting support from our Sheffield branch in 2018 after he fell in the changing rooms following his regular swimming sessions. “I’ve been going swimming regularly since 2014, but after some time it became a problem. When I got into the changing […]

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Why pets are the perfect companion for the elderly

There is very little that compares to the unconditional love of a pet. Whether they’re a loving Labrador, a purring Persian or a beautiful budgie; pets are more than just an animal that we look after – they are family. There are many different benefits to having a pet later in life. Studies have found […]

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ME and Me: Naomi’s Story

Meet Naomi: a bright, adventurous and talented woman who studied for her PhD at Cambridge University. In 2006, Naomi suffered a stroke which subsequently left her living with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) – also referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Here, Naomi tells us her story in her own words and explains how, with the […]

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Living with Frontotemporal Dementia – Common Symptoms and Treatments

Last month, we began the first of our six-blog series on the different types of dementia and how you and your family can continue to live a comfortable and independent life following a dementia diagnosis. With 30 years’ industry experience and recognition as one of the UK’s leading Dementia Home Care Specialists, we’re here to […]

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Creative Activities with your Live In Carer

The need for live-in care can arise at any given time, sometimes without any prior warning. Whether you are not as confident living on your own anymore, living with a progressive condition that requires more intensive support, or a you are caregiver for your partner and you’d like a helping hand to enable you to […]

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10 Gifts to Buy Your Elderly Relative

Trying to establish the perfect gift for your elderly relative can sometimes be more challenging than we might think. Whether they have particular tastes, they have more possessions than they know what to do with or they insist that they don’t want anything; it can be hard to find a gift that we know they […]

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30 Tips on Dealing with Mental Health

This week, we’re acknowledging Mental Health Awareness Week. Organised by the Mental Health Foundation, it is designed to raise awareness of mental health and encourage discussion in our communities, so that we can have a better understanding of the feelings and thought processes that we or our loved ones are experiencing. It is thought that […]

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Living with ME: Lucy’s Story

Lucy was a normal, healthy and active teenager. A keen swimmer, member of a running club, hockey player and a volunteer for children with special educational needs, Lucy was preparing for a vibrant and exciting future. In her final year of Sixth Form, Lucy contracted chicken pox. After a few weeks away from college, Lucy […]

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World Health Day: What Can We Do?

World Health Day takes place on April 7 each year, marking the anniversary of the date that the World Health Organisation (WHO) was founded. World Health Day is the universal campaign of WHO, focussing on ensuring that everyone can access the care they need, when and wherever they need it; their goal is to ensure […]

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