From South Africa to Warwickshire

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From South Africa to Warwickshire

Here at Helping Hands, we are dedicated to finding the best carers to support our customers and their families. Our carers have joined us from Spain, Portugal, Greece, and other destinations across Europe in the past, with some coming to us from further afield.

Beverley Bezuidenhoudt grew up in the Orange Free State region of South Africa, and has a previous background in retail. As someone who loves to meet new people, Beverley left South Africa in 2006 and started her career with Helping Hands in 2013 having cared for her own loved ones in the past. This is the journey Beverley took to follow her dreams.

Beverley first heard about Helping Hands through a friend and with family members already living in the UK, she applied to come to one of our training weeks at our head office. After passing her interview with flying colours, she then learnt the key skills involved with being a carer during her week with us, impressing our training team with her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

“I decided to be a carer because I enjoy looking after people, meeting new people and being able to do what I can to helps others,” Beverley explains. “I am driven and motivated by knowing that I can wake up each day knowing that I will be helping someone in need.”

Beverley also adds that “the recruitment process was very quick and Helping Hands did everything to help whenever I needed some assistance. Having finished my training, I now feel very proud to be part of the Helping Hands team.”

Described as a ‘very caring person who always wants to check on everyone else’, Beverley has gone on to provide care for a number of Helping Hands’ customers. She has helped individuals living with conditions including dementia, cancer, and Parkinson’s, and has proven herself to be a great support for the families she cares for. Not only that, Beverley has also established close relationships with her customers and takes great pleasure in spending time with them.

I have worked with many customers who have dementia and I have had so many wonderful experiences with them,” Beverley says. “One gentleman I was working with was a Japanese prisoner of war and it was fascinating to hear all about his experiences. I have also looked after a lady who had fallen and who was paralyzed on one side as a result. We developed a wonderful friendship and still keep in contact to this day!”

Beverley also has the full support of a live-in care manager, with whom she has a very strong working relationship. She feels very confident in approaching her manager should she need any help or advice and they communicate on a regular basis.

Having been with Helping Hands for a considerable length of time, Beverley has a lot of fond memories and has had some incredible experiences, though she says her greatest achievement is simply being able to support people who need help living within the comfort of their own homes.

Beverley has had high praise from the people she has cared for and still demonstrates the same passion she has always had. If you have a compassionate heart and a desire to help others, like Beverley, then we would love to hear from you!

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