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Cost of Frail Care

How much does Frail Care Cost?

Frail care is a dedicated branch of care that helps people to manage the limitations and negate the everyday risks that are increased by frailty, such as the possibility of a fall, loneliness or physical inactivity. At Helping Hands, we have over 30 years’ experience in helping people to feel supported, independent and self-assured in their own home and our care services can be delivered on wither a visiting or live-in basis, to fully support your needs.

Frailty is a complex term to define. The process of identifying frailty isn’t always straightforward, and will require the assistance of an expert clinician. There are a number of means by which frailty can be tested, with the ultimate goal being to determine how best to care for and support the person in question. This assessment generally takes place in a hospital, although can also be performed at home.

Receiving care in your own home, rather than in a residential home, enables you to enjoy your usual routines and spend more time with the people you love, and also gives you much more flexibility and control over the type of care you want. It also means you’ll be in familiar surroundings where you’re already aware of potential trip hazards and uneven surfaces.

A guide to our visiting care fees

Rates for one-to-one personal care at home start from £25.27 per hour

We can arrange visits that last 30, 45 or 60 minutes – these will have flexible costs

Most prices will vary depending on your specific care needs, and sometimes your location will also affect rates. Overnight care and support during weekends and bank holidays will also be priced differently.

Every visit carries a £4.25 travel fee.

Costs for live-in care start from

Our live-in care rates vary depending on the level of care required, but costs start from:

  • £1,779 per week for a single person
  • £1,779 per week for a couple

Paying for Frail Care

Paying for frail care at home can take several forms, whether you fund it yourself or you receive external funding. To learn more about potential funding options you should ask for a financial assessment from your local council in the first instance, but our expert customer care advisors can also advise you on what you’re entitled to. We also have an informative website with a FAQ section that covers care funding.

Possible Funding Options

Requiring care is something that can cause anxiety for the person who needs it and their loved ones, not least because of the question of how it will be paid for. Having a plan in place so that if you do require care you know how it will be organised will reduce the worry on your shoulders and mean you can focus just on your wellbeing. Your family may be contributing, perhaps you’re meeting the cost yourself or you may qualify for local authority funding, however whichever it is, it’s sensible to talk to an independent expert so that you’re fully versed in your options. For instance, certain thresholds may exist that could limit your likelihood to receive funding, or there may be other restrictions. By talking to someone who understands the care funding process you can make informed decisions about your future.

Planning for Frail Care

Helping Hands are able to offer frail care on either a visiting care basis or a live-in care basis. With visiting care, one of our amazing, empathetic carers will come to your house at designated times of the day to assist you in whatever way you require. Live-in care involves having a carer living in your home to provide you with round-the-clock care, ensuring you never feel unsupported or isolated. All of our carers are thoroughly trained to provide an extremely high standard of care for people with a wide range of conditions, so whether you need help with medication, housework, meal preparation or an almost endless list of other tasks, our frail care team will be able to assist you. All of our care services are fully regulated by the CQC and CIW, so you know you’ll always receive the highest standards of expert care.

Arrange Frail Care Today

If you’d like to arrange frail care for yourself or a loved one or would simply like more information about what frail care involves, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call our friendly customer care team seven days a week or get in touch via our website to request a call back.