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Immediate needs annuity

Considering an Immediate Needs Annuity

There are a number of concerns that we and our families may have when faced with the issue of paying for care, for what is usually an unknown length of time.

A major concern may be that the money might run out, so you will no longer be able to have the care provider or type of care (such as care in your own home), that you prefer. For many, the fact that the value within the estate is being depleted is also a considerable concern.

What does an immediate needs annuity do?

Immediate needs annuities provide a guaranteed regular income designed to meet the cost of care. You pay a one-off lump sum to purchase the plan. The cost of the plan is determined by a number of factors:

  • The required monthly payment you require
  • Your gender, your age and your health
  • Your medical history
  • An immediate care plan pays a regular tax-free income to your registered care provider for the rest of your life. There is no reliance on investment performance to achieve this.

As each plan is tailored around your individual care needs and priorities, there is no “fixed price” for a care plan. Your medical history and current health are taken into account to arrive at a purchase price.

What about inflation?

Over time the costs of care will increase as a result of inflation. In parts of Britain, the average cost has soared by up to 31% in five years (2). If you want to ensure that you protect the payments against increased care costs over time then you can add this feature to the plan.

What if I die soon after taking out a plan?

With some plans you can build in protection for the first six months of taking out a plan, where a proportion of the purchase price (less any income already paid) will be returned to your estate/beneficiaries should you pass away. If you wish to protect some of the capital used to purchase the plan for a longer period then you can select.

Capital Protection

Capital Protection allows you to protect a proportion of the initial investment, the amount protected decreases over time directly in line with the income payments which have been made. Capital Protection provides the peace of mind that a fixed amount is guaranteed to be returned by the plan provider in the form of income/lump sum. Once the protected amount has been paid out as income the protection ends however the plan continues to pay the agreed levels of income until death.

Capital Protection is paid for at the outset with a single payment, the cost of which is determined by the level of protection you require.

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