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Convalescent Care

What Is Convalescent Care?

Convalescent care is short-term support provided by skilled carers in your own home, or a care home. When you’re recovering from an illness or accident you and your loved ones want to know that you’re being looked after as well as possible and that’s why you should talk to Helping Hands.

We’ve been supporting people to live as independently as possible in their own homes since 1989, so when we say we’re the homecare specialists you really can believe us. We can organise visiting convalescent care, where one of our carers comes to your home at pre-arranged times to support you, or you can have one of our carers live-in with you, with the added advantage that you get the same high standards of care, but around the clock companionship too.

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Where Can Convalescent Care Be Provided?

While convalescent care can be provided in your own home or a residential care home, there are many advantages to remaining at home to receive support. Being in familiar surroundings as you recover can have benefits both physically and emotionally, as having your favourite people, pets and possessions nearby on a daily basis will improve your mood and help you to feel more comfortable.

Who Might Benefit from Convalescent Care at Home?

The customers who might benefit from convalescent care at home are individuals who, with support, will recover their full independence in time and will at some point be able to regain their strength and manage without care. Convalescent care is aimed at people who need temporary, short-term care to regain full-health and return to a position where they no longer need care on a regular basis.

This differs from respite care in that respite is often utilised when someone already has a regular carer, but that carer has had to go home in an emergency, or if someone needs short-term care of no more than a week or two usually. Convalescent care may be in place for months due to the injury or debilitation that the person is living with, however after the period of convalescence, they will be expected to make a full recovery and return to a standard of living where permanent care is not necessary.

What Kind of Support Is Supplied by Convalescent Care?

Our compassionate carers can help you with every aspect of your recovery, whether it be improving your mobility, ensuring you eat a nutritionally balanced diet or supporting your personal care. They can also escort you to medical appointments and accompany you to activities outside of your home. Helping Hands can organise care for you on a visiting or live-in basis, meaning that you remain in control of your care journey and can select the type of support that is most appropriate to your situation.

Convalescent carers can support you with the following:

  • Companionship
  • Meal preparation
  • Administering medication
  • Incontinence care
  • Personal care
  • So much more

How Long Can Convalescent Care Be Provided For?

Convalescent care is always supplied with the end goal in mind that the customer will recover from their illness or injury and eventually be able to manage independently again. Therefore, while each person’s experience will be individualised and duration of care will be different, if a person is living with a condition that isn’t going to improve after the period of convalescence then it may not be the right type of care for them. Helping Hands can support our customers with not only convalescent care, but respite, longer-term and permanent care too.

How Is Convalescent Care Funded?

Convalescence care will be funded depending on your personal circumstances and subject to a financial assessment by your Local Authority. Although the majority of our families are paying for their care privately, there may be the opportunity for you to access home care funding from either your Local Authority or Clinical Commissioning Group. In these cases, we work with the funding body to get the support you need in place and give you a better quality of life at home.

How Do I Organise Convalescent Care?

Organising convalescent care is as easy as calling our friendly and helpful customer care specialists. They’re available seven days a week for your convenience or if you prefer, you can contact us via our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Page reviewed by Kerry Feltwell, Regional Clinical Lead on November 10, 2021

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