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How we've been helping Tom with live-in support

Long-term care for young adults isn’t just about meeting daily living needs. It’s about supporting your loved one to live as independently as possible.

Whether at home with a partner, children, or parents; living away at university for the first time, or enjoying some space in a home of your own, Helping Hands Personal Assistants enable our young adults to enjoy their independence with confidence.

Meet Tom one of our young adults

With social support, practical assistance, and friendly companionship from his Personal Assistant, Tom, a Helping Hands customer who lives with a brain injury acquired in an RTA, is busy enjoying his adventurous lifestyle.

Tom has been benefitting from Helping Hands’ flexible support since 2004. He first welcomed his current Personal Assistant, Peter, into his bungalow in March 2014, and from the very beginning it was obvious that the pair have plenty in common: they are both thrill-seekers.

Tailored home care support

Rehabilitation and support for those affected by an acquired brain injury requires an individualised approach. There is no ‘typical’ ABI care. That’s why at Helping Hands, we aspire to pair our customers with Assistants who have the experience and personality to offer an appropriate level of support.

Tom and Peter are a wonderful example of the benefits of a carefully considered live-in partnership. “I’ve always been active,” says Tom, “and Peter is good motivation”. Peter nods in agreement: “We all need a little push sometimes.” Improving his stamina is Tom’s continuous goal, and Peter has been fully trained by Tom’s physiotherapist to support his exercise regime with a moving and handling belt. Having clicked so well with Tom over the last two years, he continually works alongside him to develop new exercises and techniques which promote muscle definition.

When Tom isn’t in the gym, he’s in the pool, and it’s easy for Peter to see why he loves it: Tom, who normally gets around in a wheelchair, is able to walk in the water. “It helps him balance and triggers his muscles,” smiles Peter. Its Tom’s goal to one day walk again unaided, and with Peter’s help, he is moving closer every day.

Peter, who has been working for Helping Hands since 2011, was in a similar placement for around two years before he came to Tom, allowing him to develop his skills in a live-in capacity and become specialised in supporting young adults living with brain injuries. “I like to share what I know,” he says. “It’s very rewarding being able to see the improvements in Tom”.

An independent life

Support for young adults should fit seamlessly around established routines. At home in Tom’s bungalow, Peter assists Tom with his daily living: helping him to his wet room for a shower, completing household chores together, preparing his meals, or just sitting with him in the evenings to watch some TV. Tom loves to go out for coffee with his friends, and spends part of his weekend with his parents who live close by. But it’s not just these everyday activities that Tom enjoys.

Canoeing, sailing, and scaling the indoor climbing wall have all been on the busy agenda – not to mention plenty of Thai food. “Blow-karting was great!” says Peter. “There was a difficult start, but by the end, Tom loved it.” Blow-karting, for the less-daring amongst us, is a hair-raising cross between go-karting and windsurfing. “Tom was steering and I was in the side cart. We worked really well as a team. It’s an awesome feeling to see Tom achieve so much.” Tom agrees: “I feel in safe hands with Peter,” he nods. Tom, who loves seeing new faces, enjoys visiting the Harley Davidson motorbike shop and attending college twice a week for classes in spelling and memory. He and Peter have recently started cookery lessons, and from the look on Tom’s face when key lime pie is mentioned, it’s clear that this is quickly becoming a favourite activity.

Continuity of care

At Helping Hands, we understand that continuous, quality-assured care is fundamental. Your loved one may be transitioning from children’s and young people’s services, making the decision to move from domiciliary to live-in support, or adjusting to a completely new way of life. All our live-in support packages are unique, just like our customers.

Peter’s holidays are regularly covered by Mark, another of our live-in Assistants already familiar with Tom’s needs, resulting in a very smooth handover process. Tom has enjoyed this continuity of care for a long time: he had been partnered with his previous hourly Carer for seven years. With regular contact from Monica, their manager, Tom can be confident that the support he receives will adapt to his needs.

Learn more about live-in support with Helping Hands

Helping Hands has been promoting independence with the highest-quality home support for nearly 30 years. To learn more about the assistance and care we can provide, download our free guides to live-in and complex care.

If you’re considering taking the next step and wish to find out more about our bespoke support options, call us directly today to speak to one of our expert advisors.

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