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Supported Living for Mental Health

Specialist Support at Home for Mental Health

At Helping Hands, we value our customers as individuals and work hard every day to promote your independence and preserve your dignity. We’ve cared for people in their own homes with varying types of condition since we were established in 1989, whether it’s mild or complex, and ensuring our customers’ mental health is supported at all times is one of our most important priorities. While living with mental illness can present challenges to everyday life, there’s no reason to feel that you’re not in control of your care choices, and with the support of one of our visiting or live-in carers you’ll hopefully find that your confidence will increase, and you’ll begin to look at life with renewed optimism. Being able to remain in the home you love is very important for some people living with mental health conditions, as being in familiar surroundings, where you feel comfortable and safe, can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Supported Living Mental Health Services

Because we’ve been offering supported living options to our customers for so many years, you can be confident that we’re the number one choice for helping you to remain as independent as possible at home. Not everyone wants to have to leave the home they feel secure in to receive treatment and support and with Helping Hands you don’t have to. It’s vital that any support is given by understanding carers who want you to live your best life possible, and with visiting care from just 30 minutes per week, or around the clock live-in care, we’ll be able to ensure that your package of support is perfectly designed to your needs.

Why Choose Helping Hands

One in four people experience difficulties with their mental health, so it’s more important than ever that you get to access the support and care you need to help you live as well as possible. While it can be daunting to have someone you don’t know coming into your home to support you with your everyday routine, Helping Hands’ carers are not like everyone else; being chosen to work for us specifically because they have such wonderful natural qualities of compassion, patience and kindness. What’s more, because we offer more than one type of care to our customers, we have the flexibility and expertise to be able to mould your care perfectly around your needs. Our visiting care starts from just 30 minutes per week, meaning you get regular support when you need it most; whether that’s moral support at an important appointment, walking the dog with you or just to going out for coffee in the local community and having a chat. We can also come to you throughout the day and overnight too if you require it, and packages of care can be updated immediately to make sure that your care always reflects your current needs. Perhaps you’d appreciate someone with you in your home who could be there day and night? With live-in care you get care and companionship when you want it, with your carer always being nearby in case you feel you need them. With both of our care services you get help with the practical aspects of everyday life, such as keeping your house clean and tidy, doing laundry and preparing meals, however we can also offer support with more intimate tasks such as personal care, medication administration and getting you dressed. We’ll do our best to make sure your carer has the same interests as you whenever possible, meaning you’ll always have plenty to talk about, and very quickly they’ll become a valued friend who you look forward to seeing each day.

Arrange Mental Health Supported Living Today

If you or your loved ones would like to learn more about our CQC regulated mental health support, please get in touch with our friendly customer care team who will be happy to talk you through your options. They’re available seven days a week so you can always get an answer to a question when you need it. If you’d prefer to contact us via our website we’d love to hear from you, and you can even request a call back if you’d like one of our team to get in touch at a time convenient to you.