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The Advantages of Home Care

What are the advantages of homecare?

There are many advantages to remaining in your own home to receive care, and it can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health to stay in the place you love, surrounded by precious people, pets and possessions that represent a life well-lived and enjoyed.

Care at home with Helping Hands can be accessed on either a visiting or live-in care basis, and regardless of the type of service you choose you can be sure that you care package will be designed exactly to your requirements. You will also have an individualised support plan that will respect your routines and preferences and ensure that the way you wish your care to be carried out is exactly the way it will be.

Familiar surroundings

There is nothing that can come close to remaining in your own beloved home when you require care, and thanks to our visiting and live-in services you will always be taken care of to the very highest standards. Even if you have complex care needs, there is no need at all for you to leave your home and move into residential care, as our compassionate and professional care teams will be able to support you fully in the home you love.

Remaining in familiar surroundings can be particularly beneficial for a person who is living with dementia, as being in a place that gives feelings of comfort and safety can help to reduce an individual’s anxiety and confusion.

No need for estate agents

The majority of people who move into assisted living care will probably have to sell their beloved home to raise the funds that moving into such facilities demands. This means that not only will there be the inconvenience of having people coming around your home to appraise it and then bring prospective buyers in, there will also be the protracted legal processes and the actual moving itself. Anyone who has ever moved house will know that it isn’t just about packing boxes and getting a removal firm in, there is the sorting, throwing out and reducing down of possessions that can often be so difficult.

Being able to reduce a houseful of possessions down to what will fit in one room isn’t easy for anyone, but when you require care and may therefore have others making the decisions on your behalf, it can be even more arduous. The money saved by not needing to engage estate agents, removal firms and solicitors will also be huge.

Flexible service

At Helping Hands we offer a flexible visiting and live-in care service which means that whatever you require, we can deliver. Perhaps you only need a carer during the night because your family supports you during the day? No problem, we can be with your during the hours of darkness. You may need us once or twice a week when you go out to your regular clubs or activities, or perhaps you want someone with you around the clock for care and constant companionship? We can be there for you, as flexibly as you need us to be, from just 30 minutes a week.

Pay for what you need basis

Visiting care from Helping Hands starts from just £20 an hour (plus applicable fees) and you’ll only pay for the care you receive, so if you have low level care needs or just require a bit of extra support then it is a very cost-effective way of receiving additional support at home. Our live-in care service is charged on a weekly basis rather than hourly, but even then you will only pay from £1,125 per week for a single person or £1,425 per week for a couple, which is highly competitive with most care homes and offers a much more personalised and bespoke care experience than you’d get there. Consider the following differences between live-in care and a care home:

Live-in Care from Helping Hands

  • You stay in the comfort of your own home
  • One-to-one, personalised, around the clock care from a dedicated carer
  • You dictate your routines and preferences
  • You decide what food you eat and when
  • You won’t be separated from your pets or partner

Residential Care/Care Homes

  • You’ll have to move to a new, unfamiliar environment
  • Carers operate on a shift pattern – you may not see the same carer twice
  • You have to fit around the care home’s routine, not the other way around
  • There will be set menus and mealtimes with little flexibility
  • Pets are not usually permitted, and your partner would have to stay at home

Retained independence

At Helping Hands, we have lived by the same ethos for our entire 30+ year existence, which is to deliver the highest quality care to our customers in their own homes and ensure their independence is always promoted. Just because you require care and support at home doesn’t mean you want to relinquish your independence, stop doing things for yourself or not make those important decisions.

Our amazing carers will always ensure that you remain at the centre of your care journey and that everything they do for you is because you request it, and because of your flexible and individualised support plan, they’ll know what you like and dislike, and make sure your care always respects those routines.

Staying in your community

If you’ve lived in your beloved home for many years you will likely be an established member of your local community too, which means you may be reluctant to leave it and relocate to a new area. With care at home from Helping Hands there’s never a need to move away from an area you enjoy living in, because your carers come to you. Perhaps you’ve always enjoyed exploring the local countryside and want to continue being out and about in nature? Your carer can help there as well, accompanying you to the places you like to go outside of your home too.

Pets allowed

For anyone who has ever loved a precious fur-baby they are as much a member of the family as human loved ones are, so to be suddenly separated can be heart-breaking. It won’t just be you who feels sad though – your pet won’t understand why you’re no longer in your home, or worse, they may have to be found a new home altogether and you’ll both miss the companionship you shared. By staying in your home for care though you get to be around your pets every day as always, whether they sleep at the end of your bed or enjoy curling up on your pillow next to you.

Family focus

Family can continue to be the centre of your world when you remain in your own home for care, as there will be no limit on how often the family come round, unless you say so! If you enjoyed seeing your own children playing in the garden you cultivated over the years then you’ll adore seeing your grandchildren or other loved ones enjoying the space too, and you won’t have to worry about visiting times or clashing with meals when you stay at home.

You’ll decide how often they are there, not care home staff, so whether you want your house filled with laughter and play or quiet reflection, you call the shots, always.

Talk to us today about receiving care in your own home, our friendly customer care advisors are available seven days a week to advise you about your care options.