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Assisted Living in Rainham

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What does our assisted living support include?

Assisted living care at home in Rainham means you get to remain living in the place that means the most to you, or perhaps move into your first home and greater independence. Because our carers and support assistants are dedicated to making sure you always have the highest quality support possible in the home you love, you’ll discover they’ll quickly become a trusted friend. This isn’t just reassuring for you but gives your loved ones the ability to relax and know you’re being supported daily too. And because all of our visiting and live-in care is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and the Care Inspectorate Wales, you’ll all be happy with our exceptional standards.

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When to consider assisted living

If you’re living with a lifelong disability, preexisting condition, or you’d just appreciate some help to get you settled in your first independent home then you may find assisted living care at home an ideal solution. Our compassionate carers can help you with every aspect of your daily routine, such as your housework, personal care, cooking, and helping you to enjoy the community around you.

How much does assisted living cost?

Assisted living costs are clear and transparent, as is all our pricing at Helping Hands. We don’t hide additional charges, or ‘one-off’ fees the way care agencies do, and your personalised quote will ensure you’ll always know just what you’re paying. As a guide though, our care services start at £25.27 per hour for visiting care, plus an hourly mileage charge, and £1,599 per week for an individual’s live-in care. Having care at home goes far beyond the pounds and pence though as by remaining living in the place you love and by having your independence you get to live life the way you wish.

How to arrange assisted living in Rainham

If you would like to learn more about assisted living care at home in Rainham then you can talk to your local care team whose details you’ll find here. In addition, our friendly customer care assistants are available seven days a week, either online or on the phone.