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Assisted Living in Sale

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What does our assisted living support include?

At Helping Hands, we’ve considered it our mission and sole purpose to keep people living as independently as possible in the home they love, since we were established in 1989. We work tirelessly to keep our customers comfortable, safe, and living the way they want to, all while helping them to enjoy their local community and have companionship. We can provide support on both a visiting and live-in care basis, to suit you and your needs, and because all of our assisted living care at home in Sale is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, you and your loved ones can be assured that you’ll only receive support of the very highest quality.

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Qualified carers providing assisted living in Sale

Our carers are amazing at what they do, and we choose our people carefully to ensure that’s always the case. We recruit, assess, and train our carers ourselves, feeling it’s too important a task to rely on anyone else to do so for us. We want to really get to know the people we employ, making sure that they have all the natural qualities of compassion and kindness that makes a fantastic Helping Hands carer.

When to consider assisted living

Some of our assisted living care and support customers are living with physical disabilities or mental impairments, or just need some additional help with everyday life. Living independently is important for most people, and with Helping Hands you can carry on doing just that, whether it’s in your own home or living more independently with loved ones. We can be there as much or as little as you need us, for a few hours a week to give family a break, to help you attend favourite activities, or around the clock to keep you safe and comfortable. Because we manage all of our 150 branches across England and Wales ourselves – we don’t operate franchises – it means that we maintain a consistency of care and high standards that other care companies can only dream of.

How much does assisted living cost?

The cost of assisted living care varies according to the level of support you need and the frequency with which you need it. When you have your personalised care assessment with one of our Sale team you’ll have a bespoke quote produced for you, but in the meantime to give you a rough idea, our care prices start at:

£25.27 per hour for visiting care, plus an hourly charge to cover carer expenses

£1,599 live-in care per week for an individual, or £1,839 for a couple

Other factors can affect pricing too though, such as where in the UK you live, so it’s best to chat to your local branch team in Sale to get more information.

How to arrange assisted living in Sale

Having a chat with our friendly customer care team online or over the phone can ensure all of your questions get answered, or if you’d prefer to meet face-to-face, get in touch with the team in Sale, whose details you can find here.