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At Helping Hands, we have provided care for Dementia customers for 25 years - during this time we’ve developed a real understanding of the needs of people affected by the illness.
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Find the Dementia Care You Need from Helping Hands

At Helping Hands, we have provided dementia care for our customers for 25 years. During this time we’ve developed a real understanding of the needs of people affected by the condition.

Our highly-trained dementia carers know all about the different types and stages of the condition, and they’re experienced in helping people and their families cope with the challenges that caring for someone with dementia brings about on a daily basis.

We are absolutely determined to help people living with dementia – caring for people in their own homes is our aim.

There is always so much to learn about when providing dementia care. So, we continue to train our dementia carers and work closely with organisations, such as Dementia UK to develop our training programmes, enabling us to better provide help for our customers, as well as on-going support for carers.

Helping Hands Person Centred Dementia Care

Did you know?

Helping Hands has well over two decades’ experience of supporting customers with dementia; in fact over 50% of our elderly customers have dementia to some degree.

Coming to terms with this illness is hard for both those affected by it and their loved ones. Calling on support for a loved one is one of the toughest decisions you’ll find yourself faced with in life. Many find the idea of inviting someone new into the home very worrying.

That’s why we believe in providing our dementia support services through the entire process. Our friendly team of dementia carers will talk you through all elements of our person centred care services.

When we provide dementia home care, we see our customers for what they are – people with emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes. Each person is different. And therefore there’s no one way of providing help and support.

Our carers are enthusiastic and committed to caring for someone with dementia, helping them to live comfortably within the environment they’re most familiar with – their own homes.

That’s because we recognise that the homes of our customers aren’t just buildings. They’re treasure troves, hosting decades’ worth of cherished memories. And when caring for someone with dementia, this continuity and consistency is absolutely vital.

Why Choose Our Dementia Carers?

There are many different types of this illness – over a hundred in fact. In more than 20 years, we’ve provided live-in support for people affected by Alzheimer’s, Frontal Temporal (also known as Picks), Lewy Body, Vascular, and many more.

Before joining the team at Helping Hands, each of our carers goes through a rigorous training programme. They go through training at our Centre of Excellence, as well as a program developed alongside Dementia UK. It’s here they learn to deal with the challenges of caring for someone with dementia.

Our team of carers have contact with our Dementia experts.  We also encourage carers and our customers’ families to call the Helping Hands helpline if they have any questions whatsoever.

Dementia Home Care Services

With our domiciliary care services, we can help with daily household tasks, like preparing meals, cleaning and running errands, as well as help with medication. However, as well as providing nursing-led dementia care for our customers, our friendly carers also provide fulltime companionship. They love nothing more than to play a board game, chat over a cup of tea, or go for a stroll in the park with the people they look after.

It’s this warm people-centric approach that we’ve become known for.

Unlike many home care agencies, our carers will provide dementia care in the home for a number of weeks, before taking a break. This allows them to bond and build up a relationship with the people they’re looking after.

Some of our dementia carers have worked with their customers for years. And if a carer happens to fall ill, or needs to take a break, we will ensure that there’s always another qualified professional to step in to temporarily take their place. This way you can rest assured that your loved ones will never be left unsupported.

Dementia Action Alliance

Helping Hands is pleased to have a working plan with Dementia Action Alliance, which is made up of over 700 organisations committed to transforming the quality of life of people living with the condition in the UK, as well as the millions of people who care for them.

If you’re considering dementia live-in care, you can rely on our carers to always deliver their support always to the highest possible standards.

Dementia Champions

We have a team of fully qualified dementia specialists have all successfully completed a four day dementia champions course in association with the University of Worcester’s Association for Dementia Studies (ADS) development programme, designed for leadership and experts in dementia. The course encourages a person centred approach to improve and enhance the experience of the person with dementia, their supporters and carers whilst they are in a phase of ill health.
Dementia champions

This course increases knowledge and understanding of dementia within staff groups, and exploration of how to meet the needs of people with dementia who are also in ill health. This empowers our staff to work with colleagues and carers to support best use of resources, and strategic focus around the challenges and opportunities of providing dignity for customers with dementia.

Led by Tiffany Smith, our dementia specialist, we now have a team of Dementia Champions who can help our managers, carers, customers and their families to help people living with dementia to stay at home.

Who We’ve Provided Dementia Care At Home For

Peggy has received dementia support from Helping Hands for more than two years, having been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Initially Peggy’s daughter, Sarah, stepped up to provide her support. However, after a couple of days staying with her mother, Sarah realised that her mother required a greater level of dementia home care.

They discussed a variety of options together. Peggy, who’d lived in her home for 22 happy years – 19 spent with her husband before he sadly passed away – wanted to stay at home to receive her care. Sarah also wanted her mother to remain in an environment where she could do all the things she loved most – from walking her dog, to spending time with her friends.

Helping Hands carer Janet came in to provide dementia care at home for Peggy. It didn’t take long for Janet to establish a routine and strategy for Peggy. The two have established a good friendship, regularly spending time looking through Peggy’s family photo albums, and bonding over their mutual love of gardening.

The Next Steps For Help With Dementia Care

Our team of dementia carers are always on hand to give more information and advice on our dementia support services. Contact us today to find out more.

Dementia Personality of the Year

Helping Hands’ Dementia care specialist and lead trainer at our Centre of Excellence, Jayne Vale, was named Dementia Care Personality of the Year at the National Dementia Care Awards. This annual event is held as part of the National Dementia Congress, and recognises the hard work and commitment of the best people in the care industry.

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