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Practical tips and visual prompts to help around the home

Developed in partnership with Dementia UK, our Dementia Toolkit provides practical advice and visual aids to help carers and families alike who are supporting someone living with dementia. Request your free copy of the toolkit today by completing the form below.

As the UK’s specialists in dementia care at home, we have nearly 30 years’ experience in helping people living with dementia to remain in their own homes. For an informal chat about how we can support your loved one and your family, call us today or request a callback and we will call you.

What the Dementia Toolkit covers

The toolkit is designed around the researched evidence that visual prompts can be more helpful than words alone. It covers:

Life story work

Going through someone’s life story with them is a rewarding activity and can have huge benefits, especially in getting a better understanding of their emotions and engaging with them on a truly one-to-one basis.

Our Dementia Toolkit provides a useful format for collecting information about the different stages of a person’s life, suggesting ideas on the type of things you may want to include in life story work. You could collect photos, pictures from magazines and even objects. Maybe browsing through books, watching DVDs together or creating a collage will help.

Visual planners

Visual reminders around the home act as useful memory triggers for key activities throughout the day. We’ve created a simple planner for the main daily activities, together with blank cards so you can personalise some tasks with your own images.

For a printable activity planner for your family, request a free copy of our Dementia Toolkit today by completing the form below.

Flashcards for rooms and visitors

It’s common for someone living with dementia to feel anxious about appointments or new people coming into the home. We’ve created a simple sheet to collate images of your circle of support, whether that’s family members, carers or a GP.

The clear flashcards also help to orientate a person with dementia by identifying rooms and potential hazards around the home.

Request your free Dementia Toolkit

Complete the form below for your free copy of our Dementia Toolkit. Developed in partnership with Dementia UK, the toolkit provides practical tips and visual prompts that can be used on a daily basis.

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