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What To Expect With Palliative Care

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The Role Of Hospice Care

It can be incredibly distressing when you or a loved one is diagnosed with a life-limiting, or terminal illness, however if you require care as part of your palliative journey, we are the experts you need. Helping Hands have been caring for people as their end-of-life approaches since we were established in 1989, meaning we understand how distressing a time it can be for the whole family. We’ll offer practical and emotional support to loved ones, as well as covering every aspect of your personal, holistic care needs. We offer hospice care at home thanks to our specially trained carers and our team of qualified nurses, meaning that even as your life is coming to an end you are still able to remain in the home that you’ve always loved. Our carers will work seamlessly alongside other healthcare professional who may be managing your pain and other symptoms, to ensure that you remain comfortable at all times with the people you love around you, in surroundings that bring you peace.

Who Provides Palliative Care?

Palliative care used to mean lengthy hospital stays while treatment was administered, however that’s no longer the case, thanks to Helping Hands, a home care provider who has the expertise and infrastructure to deliver care in our customers’ homes. We have been providing palliative care to our customers for over thirty years, demonstrating that we are experts in supporting you with palliative care, and if necessary, until the end of your life. Enabling you to live as independently as possible, our experienced carers will support you with every aspect of your daily routine and care for you throughout your treatment, all the time enabling you to remain living in the home that has meant so much to you for so many years.

The Time To Expect Care

Being able to receive palliative care at home means you get the support you need in the place you wish to remain for the rest of your life. Our palliative care services can be delivered on either a visiting or live-in basis, meaning that you can be cared for from just 30 minutes per week, perhaps so that your family get a break knowing that you’ll be safe and cared for a short while. We can also support you for several hours at a time, every day, overnight, or on an around-the-clock, live-in basis. Regardless of how often you need our carers, you will also get the highest standards of care delivery from everyone you encounter working for us, as we only employ the kindness and most compassionate people.

Day To Day Duties Of Palliative Care

Our carers will be able to undertake every aspect of your holistic needs, keeping you physically comfortable, assisting with pain relief, ensuring your emotional and spiritual needs are met and safeguarding your wellbeing at all times. We will also ensure that your loved ones are supported through this difficult time for the whole family, being a kind and empathetic listener if they need to vent their frustration at the situation.

A Package Of Care Until The End

Needing palliative care does not mean you are about to die; indeed, many people remain on their palliative journey for years, receiving treatments and undergoing therapies that may have a marked effect on their condition. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the person will ever get better, rather that they are being given therapies that keep their symptoms at bay and which allows them to enjoy a normal life for as long as possible. When all of these treatments have been exhausted your condition may begin to get worse, meaning that you would benefit from some additional support at home to continue living independently, and this is where we can make the difference to your daily life. Our visiting and live-in care services are fully regulated by the CQC and CIW, meaning that you and your loved ones can be confident that any care you receive from us will remain of a consistently high standard.

Arrange Palliative Care Today

When you and your loved ones are ready to learn more about palliative or end of life care, our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team will be waiting for your call, seven days a week. If you prefer, you can also contact us via our website, or if necessary you can request a call back, ensuring that we only call you at a time that fits in with your daily commitments.