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Personalised live-in care for both of you

If you and your partner are finding it hard to manage on your own, live-in care is the perfect solution if you feel that residential care isn’t quite right for you. The home that you live in is the haven that you have built as a couple and a family, and here at Helping Hands we understand how important it is for you to hold on to this as long as you can. That’s why we provide a personalised live-in care service that works around you both to give you the support you need to remain in the place you know and love best.

What is live-in care for couples?

There are many reasons why couples choose live-in care, but perhaps the most important reason is because it enables you and your partner to stay together. Whether you’ve been in your home for six months or 50 years, it is still the place that makes you feel the most comfortable and safe. That’s why we provide personalised live-in care packages to couples that need a little more support but don’t want to let go of the home they have built together.

You may be reaching your elderly years and are both finding it harder to move around your home, or perhaps you provide care for your partner and you would like some extra support so that you can enjoy your time together as a couple. The great thing about live-in care for couples is that it is entirely bespoke to you and your partner. It takes all of your needs into account, meaning that you can spend more quality time together and live your life the way you want to.

We understand that inviting someone new to live in your home can be daunting, especially if it’s just been the two of you for a long time. That’s why our compassionate and professional teams will work with you to establish the exact level of support you need so that your care is both effective and unintrusive.

Collaboratively, we’ll find a private carer that suits your needs, both physically, mentally and emotionally. So, if you’re both in your more senior years and enjoy spending time in the garden but have neglected your plants recently, we’ll find a carer that has experience in elderly care and who is as green-fingered as you, so that you’re both able to enjoy your garden again.

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A cost-effective solution to care

When looking at the different care options available for couples, price is often one of the most influential factors in the decision-making process. But with live-in care, you do not need to pay for the space of two people like you do with residential care; you pay for a carer’s time and package of care that’s completely tailored to you.

Our live-in care packages cover the full range of home care services available, so the cost of care is subject to your needs and requirements. Whether you’re both reaching your elderly years and you’re no longer able to support each other like you used to, or you or your partner are living with a condition that requires clinical support – we can provide the perfect care package that suits you both.

For a couple, residential care home prices can rise to over £2,000 per week, based on the weekly cost of approximately £1,000 per person. But with live-in care from our 24 hour care team, our prices are a fraction of that, starting at £1,700 per week. Find out more information on prices for live-in care here.

Keeping you together at home

When you’ve shared most of your life with your partner, it’s only natural to want to stay together when you are in need of a little extra support. That’s why we provide personalised live-in care packages to give you the support you need at home, with your partner by your side.

Designed around both of your requirements, we’ll create a person-centred care plan that adheres to your unique care needs – whether one of you has dementia and needs more intensive support than the other, or if you’re both elderly without any serious health concerns but just need extra support with everyday tasks. Live-in care means that you don’t have to go through the heart-breaking upset of leaving a loved one to move into assisted living accommodation – you can both stay together in the home you know and love, just with extra support and reassurance.

What’s more, live-in care enables you to enjoy activities together without worrying about travel arrangements or being able to manage by yourselves. Your live-in carer can accompany you both to either your local boules club, a family celebration, a trip to the theatre or a weekly afternoon visit to the café down the road from your home, so that you can really appreciate one another and your time spent together.

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Page reviewed by Louise Bradley, Regional Care Director on November 9, 2021

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