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What is 24/7 care?

24/7 care, or live-in care, is support that covers you morning, evening and night so that you are never left without the assistance you need. With 24-hour care, you have the constant reassurance that there is always someone there to provide you with consistent and professional care to the highest standards.

Whether you need assistance with personal care in the morning or if you need support to access the toilet safely in the middle of the night, your dedicated team of carers will be there whenever you need them.

Live-in care is seen as a direct alternative to a care home or supported living arrangement, as it enables you to receive 24-hour care on your terms, and in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

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How does 24-hour live-in care work?

Round-the-clock care consists of any activity that you need support with at home to live a happy and healthy life. Our carers can support you with:

  • Personal care including washing, dressing and continence care
  • Mobility support including hoists, assisted transfers and mobility aids
  • Condition-led care including dementia, Parkinson’s and cancer
  • Medication assistance
  • Housework and light gardening
  • Shopping and preparing meals
  • Companionship and mental wellbeing

Our live-in care managers work alongside you and your family to decide on the most appropriate care for you and ensure everything meets your needs and preferences. Creating your support plan is very much a collaborative process so that everything is tailored to you and your requirements, regardless of your health condition.

If you require 24-hour care for complex care needs, you may require one or two live-in carers as well as support from our local visiting care team, who will cover your live-in carer’s breaks and provide support for you overnight. So, if your loved one has advanced dementia and needs constant care during the day and wakes throughout the night, we will ensure we have the very best team of live-in and visiting carers to support them, who will get to know them and their routines and be able to provide care tailored specifically for them.

How much does 24/7 care cost?

The costs of 24-hour care vary depending on your needs and the complexity of your requirements. Some customers may only need one live-in carer and a local visiting carer to cover their breaks, whereas others may need two live-in carers and nurse-supported care from several carers.

At Helping Hands, 24-hour care costs start from:

  • £1,075 per week for a single person
  • £1,375 per week for a couple

It’s important to remember that everyone’s situation is very different and that we quote live-in care packages according to your specific needs. If you’d like to arrange for a bespoke quote for yourself or a loved one, the best thing to do is give us a call today, and one of our friendly customer care specialists will be able to discuss your care needs and advise on the exact cost.

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The advantages of 24-hour care

There are many advantages of 24-hour care, but perhaps the most important aspect for having round-the-clock care at home is that everything is done on your terms. There are no prescribed meals or set times for getting up in the morning; everything is carried out the way you want it to be and when you want it to occur. Other advantages of live-in care include:

Round the clock support

Live-in care means that you have constant support round-the-clock, so you don’t have to worry about periods of time being left by yourself or without the vital care you may need. Even when your carer takes a break, you’re still in the very capable hands of our visiting care team who will work closely with your primary carer and ensure they follow your support plan. That way you won’t have to worry about routines being disrupted because they will ensure that your care is carried out seamlessly and to your preferences.

Having 24/7 support also means that if you have complex care needs such as a stoma, PEG feeding or a tracheostomy, that you can be cared for at home. Overseen by our experienced clinical leads, we will ensure that your live-in carers have the right training for the intricacies of your health care needs, so that you don’t have the stress and upheaval of moving into a nursing home and instead, receive care at home.

Constant peace of mind

Having a live-in carer residing with you in your home means that you always have someone there to help you should you need it. Not only does this give you constant peace of mind that you will always be looked after, but it can also reassure your loved ones that you’re being taken care of too.

Having a carer that is matched to you in their health care experience but also their personality means that you don’t only have someone that can help with the practicalities; they’re there to support you mentally and emotionally too. Making sure that someone is cared for also includes their psychological wellbeing, so having a live-in carer can provide that personable element of care where the same person gets to know you and enjoys activities with you, such as going to the local café or watering the plants with you in your garden.

Supported independence

Here at Helping Hands, we want to empower and enable our customers, not do everything for them and prescribe care to them. That’s why we will always support you to be as independent as possible, putting your preferences first and always doing things the way you want them to be done. Some days, you may feel up to visiting the local park with your carer and feeding the ducks, whereas other days you may just want to relax at home and watch your favourite film or complete a jigsaw.

Familiar surroundings of your own home

Nothing beats the safety and comfort of your own home, and that’s why we believe home care is such a great option for anyone that needs extra support to continue living the life they want to. Not only are you surrounded by all of your home comforts and items that hold many fond memories, you may live with a spouse or partner that wouldn’t be able to move with you into residential care. Having 24-hour care means that you can still live at home with them and they also don’t have to worry about providing all of your care by themselves.

We’ll even support you with your beloved pets – whether you have a cat, dog or rabbit. Having pets can be an important part of your mental wellbeing, and we want to enable you to still have the things around you that you love so that you receive care that is all-encompassing.

Arranging 24-hour home care

Arranging 24-hour care is really simple. Just follow these four steps and we can begin your care in no time:

Call our experts

Step 1: Speak to our team

Call us on 03300376958 or send us a message to request a call back. Our team of customer care specialists are here seven days a week to talk you through the options and costs.


Free home care assessment Step 2: A free home care assessment

Your local live-in care manager will visit you to discuss your requirements face-to-face, create your support plan and learn about the type of carer you’re looking for.


Matching you with a carer

Step 3: Matching you with your carers

We’ll help to match you with carers that meet your preferences and have the necessary skills.


Live-in care begins

Step 4: Care begins with extra support

We’ll make all the arrangements for the arrival of your carers. After that, your manager offers regular reviews, carer supervisions and extra support as is needed.


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