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Do you provide short-term live-in care?

Types of live-in care available

If you are looking for short-term live-in care, then your best option is to talk to Helping Hands! We’ve been providing the highest standards of live-in care for every circumstance since 1989, so it’s no surprise we are considered the UK’s live-in home care experts. There are several reasons why you may need short term live-in care, including:

  • After an accident – If you’ve been involved in an accident such as a fall, you may need support at home to help you with your everyday tasks until you’re back on your feet and fully recovered.
  • Early hospital discharge – Perhaps you were expecting to remain in hospital a little longer, and even though you’re happy to be returning home you are concerned whether you’ll be able to manage
  • Recovering from surgery – If you’ve had surgery or you’re recovering from a severe illness you may feel that you cannot manage as you usually do unless you have some extra help for a short while
  • Covering a regular carer – Your regular carer will probably be indispensable to you, however you’ll know how important it is that they get to take regular breaks so that their energy levels get a chance to recover.
  • Specialist care needed – You may have a specialist condition that needs a particular type of care. You need to be confident that your needs will be met while your regular carer is taking a break.

Live-in care catered to your needs

When your regular carers aren’t available, or if you normally manage quite independently at home, you and your loved ones will want to know that you’re being cared for by a company with a demonstrable pedigree. At Helping Hands we’ve been supporting our customers for as much or as little time as they need us for more than 30 years, so you can be confident in the types of support we offer. Our carers are especially trained to offer you individualised care in the short-term, and we’ll match you with the perfect live-in carer who will seamlessly complement your routines at home. Our care packages are designed to mould around the individual and ensure that if your condition changes, your care will change to match it. Short-term care – sometimes called respite care – can be necessary for several reasons and all of our care services are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales.

Why choose short-term live-in care with Helping Hands

There are many reasons why choosing short-term, live-in care with Helping Hands is a great personalised option, not least that you’ll remain living in the home you love and won’t have to relocate to a care home, even temporarily. By staying in the home you love you’ll decide every aspect of your routine, such as mealtimes and what you eat, and not have to wait until care home staff have time to attend to you. Most importantly, you’ll have one-to-one, around-the-clock care from a dedicated carer who will be matched to you perfectly, meaning you can continue with your lifestyle as you always have done. Your routines will be respected and maintained to ensure your care fits around your existing commitments, whether that’s attending a day centre, going to college, or enjoying a weekly hair appointment. The best part of remaining in your own home for your live-in care is that your family and friends can be around as much as you want them to be, not be subject to visiting hours or other restrictions that are out of your control.