How Live-in Care Works

How Live-in Care from Helping Hands Works

Families who choose live-in care from Helping Hands do so with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their carer is always on hand; whatever the time of day.

A major benefit of our service is the constant care and companionship you receive at home from a carer who is dedicated to your needs.

All of our carers are overseen by a Registered General Nurse and, through our network of office and managers across the country, you will have a dedicated manager never far away. Your carer’s role can be as varied as you wish, embracing support with personal care and continence care, support with medication or helping with restricted mobility.

Maintaining your home is important too; your carer can support with your housekeeping, cleaning, laundry and shopping, as well as trips out. We also understand the importance of nutrition; our carers will cook to your tastes and advise you on how to achieve a well-balanced diet. Often, of greatest importance, is the quality time they spend as a companion, chatting and simply keeping you company.  What this then allows is time for you and your loved ones to be a family, spending quality time together.

Our service stands out from others in a number of ways

Smooth changeovers when your carer takes a break

The day before your carer is due to go on leave, another fully trained Helping Hands carer will arrive at your home for a comprehensive, overnight change-over. We are committed to ensuring changeovers from one carer to another cause little or no disruption to you and your family. There is no additional charge for this part of our service.

Guaranteed cover

If a carer becomes sick or must return home for any reason, Helping Hands have the depth of resource to immediately supply a fully trained alternative carer – we never leave you without care as we guarantee service. This length of stay and continuity coupled with the extensive changeover period truly set us apart.

Direct Employment

Helping Hands can make guarantees around continuity of care and consistency of service because we directly employ all of our carers. What “ direct employment” means is that the carers are employees of Helping Hands. With a network of regional managers, trainers and offices across England and Wales, we take responsibility for your carer’s ongoing supervision and management, as well as investing in award winning training and continual professional development.

Unlike an introductory agency, having a live-in carer from Helping hands, means that you don’t have the responsibilities of organisation your carer’s salary, insurance, expenses or annual leave – we’ll look after this for you.


The nature of live-in care means that your carer will need to have their own room available. Similarly, given the level of attention our carers provide it is important that we build in (a) regular breaks for them. Sometimes we arrange for a relief carer to cover these breaks if it’s necessary.

The Process

Naturally, you and your family to will have plenty of questions that you want to ask. We offer an informal and free of charge meeting with an experienced Helping Hands assessor. They will arrange to meet with all involved ,including most importantly the person who requires care .Often this means liaising with a hospital discharge team, a care home or an existing agency. If appropriate, from this meeting a support plan will be developed. This plan will be unique to your requirements and will provide important direction to the carer on a daily basis.

Once everything is agreed, we will offer you a selection of carers which we feel most accurately suit your requirements. Call our Customer Advice Team to find out more on 0808 180 9455.

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