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Live-in care for young adults

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Live in care for young adults

Live-in care is the ideal solution if you require additional support throughout the day and night, but want to remain living in the comfort of your own home and within reach of your local community. With the assistance of a carer that’s dedicated to you and available to provide one-to-one support as and when you require, you can rest assured that all of your needs are taken care of.

This type of care isn’t just for those that are elderly; our live-in care packages are suitable for anyone who requires extra support at home. Whether you’re in your early twenties and have cerebral palsy or if you’re in your late forties and have recently acquired a spinal cord injury, we’ll work with you to create a package of care tailored entirely around your needs.

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What is live-in care for young adults?

Live-in care is round-the-clock support from a carer who will assist you with anything you need help with to enable you to live the life you want to lead. And because we create a bespoke package of care around your requirements and preferences, you have the choice of when, where, and how you receive care, including choosing the right live-in carer for you.

As the name suggests, live-in care refers to consistent, one-to-one support from a carer that lives with you, as opposed to someone who visits you to provide support on an hourly basis. Not only will they learn everything about your care needs and exactly how you prefer things to be done, but they will also be someone of a similar age to you so that they’re not just a carer, but more like a friend. And if you’d prefer to call your carer a support worker, personal assistant or PA instead, then that’s perfectly fine.

The term ‘young adults’ or ‘young people’ includes anyone from the age of 18 to 65, and we really do keep this in mind when creating your care package. We believe in promoting independence and enablement, rather than taking over and doing everything for you. So, if you love cooking and getting creative with your recipes but struggle going to the shops to choose your ingredients, or if you need assistance with your mobility but prefer to tend to your own personal care, we’ll take your lead and adapt around you.

How live-in care is helping Jemma

How can live-in care help young adults?

As someone with a condition that may limit your mobility or cause you pain and discomfort, it can often be difficult to live the life that you see others of the same age living. But with the help and assistance of a live-in carer, this doesn’t need to be the case. As well as helping you with the practicalities, live-in care means that you don’t have the upheaval of moving or leaving a home that you may share with your partner or parents – you can stay in the home you know and love with dedicated support personalised for you.

Live-in care can support young adults with:

  • Personal care and medication
  • Mobilising safely at home and outside
  • Specialist medical care for complex conditions
  • Specific nutritional and dietary requirements
  • Household tasks, light gardening and pet care
  • General companionship and emotional wellbeing
  • Maintaining social connections and activities

We recognise that no two people are the same, and this is especially important when caring for young adults. Some may want to keep in touch with their circle of friends on a weekly basis, whereas others may want to continue enjoying going to their local football club and watching their favourite team. Whatever you want to do to keep up to date with your friends or hobbies, we’ll be there every step of the way.

How can Helping Hands help?

Since 1989, we have been supporting and assisting thousands of people to live independently at home, giving them the choice and freedom to decide exactly how they lead their lives. And with the expertise of our fully-trained carers and experience of our nursing teams, we have the capability and skills to deliver live-in care for a range of different complex medical conditions and needs.

Our award-winning in-house training programme ensures that our carers are equipped to deliver the most professional and exceptional levels of care synonymous with Helping Hands, covering modules such as moving and handling, first aid, medication, personal care and safeguarding.

We are also strictly regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), who certify that we are providing a safe, effective and responsive service to all of our customers and are also carrying out the latest and safest practices.

And if your health needs change, we can be completely flexible around you. We have a team of qualified, experienced nurses who have worked in both the public and private health sectors, procuring years of knowledge and expertise in general medical practice and more specific conditions. Working in conjunction with your carer, we can assist you with:

Perhaps most importantly, we can help young adults by working collaboratively to find a schedule that works best for you. We’re totally committed to care, and we want you to get the best out of your care. We won’t prescribe set meal times or tell you what time you’re getting up and going to bed each day. Everything is led by you because ultimately, it’s your care. So, if you want to have a quiet morning at home catching up with the latest series on Netflix or would like to spend the afternoon visiting friends, it’s entirely up to you.

Why choose live-in care for young adults?

When choosing the right type of support for you or a loved one, we understand how important this decision is and how it impacts you and your family. That’s why we assign an experience Live-in Care Manager to all of our live-in customers who will be your first point of contact at the start of your journey with us. Getting to know all of your medical, social and health needs, they will work with you and listen to what you want from your care, conducting a thorough assessment of your requirements and preferences and ultimately finding the perfect live-in carer for you.

If you have complex health care needs such as an acquired brain injury, motor neurone disease or a neurological condition, having someone that you can constantly rely on to assist you can make a real difference to you. A live-in carer will take time to build up trust with you, so that you’re able to relax and rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Nothing should stop you from doing what anyone else your age is doing – whether that’s going to a gig to watch your favourite band or taking a trip to your nearest city for a day out. And with many of our carers able to drive, it gives you the added opportunity to get out and about and continue living life to the full.

Meet Tom, one of our young adults

Tom (young person) With social support, practical assistance, and friendly companionship from his Personal Assistant, Tom, a Helping Hands customer who lives with a brain injury acquired in an RTA, is busy enjoying his adventurous lifestyle.

Tom has been benefitting from Helping Hands’ flexible support since 2004. He first welcomed his current Personal Assistant, Peter, into his bungalow in March 2014, and from the very beginning it was obvious that the pair have plenty in common: they are both thrill-seekers.

Find out more about Tom’s story here.

Care and support for students and those in the workplace

Studying at university or landing your dream job is never out of reach, and with support from your trusted carer, there is no reason why you can’t achieve this if you have complex health needs.

Right from the start of your career or transition from college to university, we’ll accompany you to your chosen place of work or education and make sure that you have everything you need to help you excel in your chosen field.

Carefully handpicked for you, your carer will be as prominent or subtle as you’d like them to be, letting you take the lead in your care. So, if you need support getting to and from lectures or assistance at work with personal care, your carer will be there when you need them.

And it’s not just your work life that we can help with; those that work hard, play hard, and if you want to attend an after-work meal or celebrate Freshers’ Week at the Student Union, your carer will get fully involved too!

Find out more about how we provide support for young adults studying or at work.

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