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Dementia care in Basildon

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Basildon dementia support from Helping Hands

A diagnosis of dementia can understandably cause anxiety and upset for the person diagnosed and their loved ones. It can make people wonder if their life will change; whether they will still be able to recognise loved ones or whether they’ll end up having to leave their home to go into residential care. This isn’t the case however as dementia care at home with Helping Hands’ friendly and compassionate Basildon carers can mean that a person living with dementia can remain independent and safe in their own home. Helping Hands has been caring for people with dementia for over 30 years, so we truly are experts in knowing how best to support people, regardless of which type of dementia they have been diagnosed with, such as Alzheimer’s, Lewy body, or vascular. Helping Hands’ expert Basildon home carers will be able to ensure they remain living their best life at home, as all of our carers train extensively to learn about dementia and how to care for someone living with the condition. This means that Helping Hands are uniquely placed to be able to care for people living with dementia in their own homes and we are also proud to be a part of the Dementia Action Alliance.

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Why dementia home care is a good option

Remaining in your own home to be cared for can be beneficial to someone living with dementia, both physically and mentally. For someone living with dementia, it can be unsettling to have to go to a new environment that they’re unfamiliar with, filled with people that they don’t know. Being able to remain in the place they love, surrounded by family, pets and precious mementos of their life can be hugely beneficial in reducing anxiety, and ensuring that a person’s life continues as well as it did before their diagnosis.

Dementia care services tailored to you

Dementia care from our friendly home care Basildon team can be carried out on a visiting basis or as around the clock, live in care. Visiting care means that you will have as few or as many calls a day as you require in a prearranged pattern, accompanied by a flexible support plan that will insure your care is carried out to the highest standards at all times. Live-in care is exactly as it suggests; you will have someone living in your home with you, supporting you at all times and providing constant companionship. Perhaps you’ve previously enjoyed an active social life and you’d like it to continue? Your carer will be able to accompany you to the groups and activities you’ve previously enjoyed, as well as new ones that you might have discovered together. Additionally, your carer will be able to carry out tasks such as personal care, medication administration, housework, meal preparation and anything else that can assist you to live your best life at all times in your own home.

Qualified dementia carers in Basildon

All of Helping Hands’ Basildon carers go through a rigorous training program to ensure that they are experts in dementia. Their learning continues throughout their employment, to guarantee that they are always at the forefront of developments in dementia care which can then be implemented into their customers’ care. Additionally, Helping Hands is accredited and regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales which ensures that we are always delivering the highest standards of care dictated by the industry.

Contact us for dementia support

Please call us today to discover how we could be supporting you or your loved ones to live independently at home with dementia. Our customer care specialists are available seven days a week to advise you on your care options and the kind of package that we could put together for you. Alternatively, please contact us via our website and we’d be happy to call you back.