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Dementia care in Beverley

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Beverley dementia care from Helping Hands

Dementia is a very individualised condition; two people could both have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for instance, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll have parallel experiences. Therefore, you need a care provider who will treat you as an individual and ensure that your care package is tailored exactly to your requirements and has the flexibility to change whenever necessary. This is what you get with Helping Hands in Beverley; we are a dementia specialist homecare company who have been supporting people with dementia to live as independently as possible in their homes for over 30 years. Dementia can initially manifest as forgetfulness or confusion about people and places, but this should always be investigated by a medical professional, as other conditions can cause similar symptoms too. Once a diagnosis has been received it will inevitably lead to many questions from the person diagnosed and their loved ones, such as ‘who will take care of me when my condition worsens’ and ‘will I have to leave my beloved home’?

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Why dementia home care is a good option

Remaining in your own home to receive your care is a preferential solution for so many people living with dementia. Having to uproot and leave a home you may have lived in for decades can be very distressing at any time, but with dementia it can multiply the feelings of pain and anxiety. This is because keeping to personal routines and making sure that there are familiar surroundings can make the person feel much calmer, and by staying at home you get to control the environment and what makes you comfortable. Things such as only one person speaking at a time can make the environment more comfortable for someone living with dementia, and this is much easier to undertake when it’s one-on-one care at home. Even things like using plain coloured tableware and furnishings rather than patterned can make the person’s environment so much more comfortable, and again, these things are much easier to achieve when it’s in their own home. Loud noise can also be distressing for someone living with dementia, so a calming, quiet environment is easier to achieve when you can control your surroundings.

Dementia care services tailored to you

Dementia care at home can see you either having regular visiting calls at pre-arranged times of the day or you can have live-in care, where the carer actually resides in your home with you. The benefits of this are that the carer is always there in the house, should an emergency arise. Visiting care can be for as many or as few visits a week that you need and your carers can support you with personal care, mobility, medication, meal preparation and anything else that you need help with. Perhaps you had an active social life before your diagnosis, and you’d enjoy getting involved in activities again? Your carer can also accompany you to medical appointments, grocery shopping or even to the hairdressers if that’s what you’d enjoy, so there is no limit to how they could support you in your life.

Qualified dementia carers in Beverley

The friendly carers in Beverley are all dementia experts and will be very happy to have a chat with you about caring for a loved one. Every Helping Hands carer is chosen because they display high levels of compassion and empathy for their potential customers and have gone through a rigorous training programme when they first join us. Their knowledge is continually refreshed throughout their career with us and that enhanced knowledge can then be applied to their customers’ care. We are also a part of the Dementia Action Alliance and fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, which we hope demonstrates our commitment to industry standards and promoting the best quality of life for our customers.

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