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Respite care in Dorchester

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What is respite care?

Respite care is short-term support tailored to your requirements that may be in place for a few days or weeks while your regular carer takes a break. It can be planned or unplanned; you may be aware that your carer is having time off, your family are going on holiday or you’re having some short-term support while recovering from an accident or illness. However, emergencies can affect all of us and you may need respite care with little or no warning in place, such as when your carer is taken sick or you are unexpectedly discharged from hospital.

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Dorchester respite support from Helping Hands

Our team in Dorchester are experienced in providing respite support and will be able to guide you through the entire process. You may be looking for respite care for a loved one and if that’s the case you may feel that there is an overwhelming amount of information on which company you should choose to provide your loved one’s care. At Helping Hands though we have over 30 years of experience providing expert care to thousands of customers in their own homes, so you really will be in the safest hands with us.

When to choose respite care

When you need respite care you may be tempted to think that you have no option but to leave the home you love and move into residential support, even temporarily. This isn’t the case when you choose care at home from Helping Hands, as our compassionate carers will come to your home and provide all the care you need, on either a visiting care or live-in basis. By remaining at home for your respite care it means you get to stay in familiar and comfortable surroundings, with people and pets who mean the world to you close at hand. You choose your routine, and thanks to your personalised support plan, your carers will always carry it out to your exact requirements.

Respite care services tailored to you

With respite care your carers can undertake whatever you need them to on a daily basis. For instance, they can help with your personal care, do housework for you, prepare nutritious meals, administer your medication, support you with your mobility and so much more. Whether you need us because you’re being discharged from hospital unexpectedly or you need short-term support while loved ones are away, we can help you to continue your daily routine as if nothing has changed.

Qualified respite carers in Location

Our incredible carers work tirelessly every single day to ensure that our customers get to live their best quality of life in the home they love. By remaining in their own home they get to be in the place they want to be in and around the people they love, rather than having to move into a care home or residential facility. By supporting the person at home we’re ensuring that their routine doesn’t get disturbed which will improve emotional wellbeing, while making sure that every aspect of their physical needs is also taken care of. Because we’ve got decades of experience in providing expert homecare to our customers you can trust that we’ll always have your, or your loved ones, best interests at heart, and because we’re fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales you can be confident in our consistent high standards of care delivery.

Contact us for respite support

If you’d like to learn more about how we could be supporting you or your loved ones in the Dorchester area, call our customer care advisors today or seven days a week. Alternatively, contact us via our website and we’ll be happy to call you back.