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4.9 / 5

4.9 rating

Based on 25 reviews
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5.0 rating
21 October 2022

Today Dad, (Bill Farrar) was looked after by Beth Crocker, all aspects of the visit and interaction with both Mum and Dad were outstanding. Just wanted to give some feedback. Thanks Angela Coulton

Angela Coulton
5.0 rating
27 September 2022

I husband has been receiving excellent visiting care by amazing carers from the Warrington branch for last two months. He was previously for nearly two years with Wilmslow branch and the carers who attended to him during that time were all great too. The transfer of care was prompted by Wilmslow branch due to shortage of carers. I was initially apprehensive and nervous but I am very grateful to Ashleigh Warrington manager Who kindly visited us at home and discussed thoroughly our needs. Ashleigh as very reassuring and has lived up to her promise to provide my husband with the quality care he deserves. A plan of care was set up by Ashleigh and her office Assistant Becky and we have been provided with amazing carers since. They are all very polite, kind, empathic and very efficient. We have been fortunate to have regularly Beth, Natalie, Francesca, Tracy, Sarah P, Poppy, Chelsea, Hannah, Kayleigh, Sam among some other lovely carers to whom we are very grateful.
We are very grateful to the leadership and prompt
help of Ashleigh and Becky’s help and empathy. All are true angels

Z Alami
5.0 rating
16 September 2022

I have a team of Personal Assistants (PA’s) who I have employed since 2015 following a spinal cord injury. 3 years ago I made the decision to look for an agency to do my bed call as changing personal circumstances meant my PA’s were struggling to do the night calls.
I had bad experience of agency carers during my 1st 12 months at home after my injury. Having a personal health budget now meant I had full control of choosing an agency. I researched all the local agencies and decided on Helping Hands.
Definitely the right decision. All the carers are excellent, highly competent and go above and beyond. I’m treated with dignity and respect by all carers and office staff. I can’t speak highly enough about all staff members. As an ex Matron and NHS manager I can honestly say that Warrington HH standards of care are second to none.
I definitely made the right decision when asking them to do my bed calls.
A long review but so much to say!!

Rita Jones
4.0 rating
17 February 2022

My lovely Mum aged 92 passed away 2 weeks ago after a short stay in hospital. Prior to that, with support from the most amazing carers at Helping Hands, despite significant mobility problem’s, Mum was living independently in her lovely bungalow in Appleton.
From hospital Mum was eager to go home and we talked about re planning her care and changing from the hourly team to residential. Throughout this difficult time manager Nick kept in touch, offered help, was initiating discussions with the residential team, then very sadly Mum passed away before she could get home.
Previously the carers who visited her twice daily, plus extra shifts for help with cleaning, were amazing, lovely cheerful people, with greetings, morning and evening and friendly chat which was so important to my mum who was a social girl but housebound and stuck with her own company.
92 is a fabulous age and she had a fabulous life, thank you from the bottom of my heart to Helping Hands for caring, looking after, chatting and laughing…. ❤

Beverly latham
5.0 rating
17 December 2020

Carers provide a professional and sympathetic service.

Sheila Murnagham
5.0 rating
19 November 2020

Staff very professional and caring.

Sheila Murnagham
5.0 rating
21 July 2020

I have been working for helping hands since the end of February this year. The staff members here couldn’t look after and make you feel more welcome if they tried. I have a wonderful manager and in house office team who are always on hand to help. They help our customers so well and have there best interests at heart aswell to which I love. Each day I look forward to coming to work cheesy at it may seem but I work with some amazing team members and customers too. Its not only a job but you feel part of family here at helping hands. I also love that you can always better yourself within your job at helping hands as they also want the best for you within your career.

Danielle Birchall
5.0 rating
8 December 2019

Excellent service from lady I dealt with. Very efficient

Joanna Fenny
5.0 rating
19 November 2019

Very thorough helpful lady who speedily set up an appointment for the next day

Caroline Smith
5.0 rating
15 September 2019

It is worth mentioning that we have used other companies prior to Helping Hands and the experience was bad. I think it is fair to say that no-one really wants care but the time comes when there is no alternative. When that time comes you want care at a high. You want it to make life better, not worse. The team of carers allocated to my husband treat him with kindness. They laugh when he laughs, they listen and engage with him. They treat him with dignity. Most days they are his only other contact with the outside world. They make a difference. From my point of view they understand the care plan and reduce the workload on me. I have confidence in them and can go out when they are here knowing that my husband will be cared for. The other good thing is that we have a small team of carers. That is important for us. My husband has a lot of medical and physical problems. There is a lot of background knowledge necessary to cater for his needs. Having too many carers would not tick boxes in his particular case. My husband is one of a small number of patients who wears a conveen. It is necessary for the carers to be au fait with this otherwise it creates a lot more work and creates issues if we are out. We are all living longer but age brings problems of its own. There is a growing need for care at home for the elderly. The problem is that the standards in the market place are often not high enough. Helping Hands have got it right. It certainly works for us.

5.0 rating
10 September 2019

Very pleasant and helpful lady

Jayne Munroe
5.0 rating
10 September 2019

Every thing was explained clear very friendly

Elizabeth Brain
5.0 rating
20 August 2019

I felt Tabitha was professional, informative, concise & understanding. Her responses were very clear.

Gail Merrett
5.0 rating
26 July 2019

Flexible cheerful and totally willing with a great sense of humour.

John Schofield
5.0 rating
25 July 2019

Clare was lovely and very easy to talk to. Clare explained everything in detail. There was no rush with her and she was professional with it. My dad thought she was great and I was very happy with the meeting.

Dawn Dawson
5.0 rating
24 July 2019

A caring and empathetic approach at a very vulnerable time.

John Schofield
5.0 rating
18 July 2019

Good listening to my needs and speedy response.

John Mckeon
4.0 rating
15 July 2019

I continue to be very pleased with the service and standard of care from HH’s for my mum. The team are brilliant on the whole, if a staff member changes there can be a small hiccup until new carers get use to my mum & the routine, but that’s to be expected. Since the management team changed I haven’t had quite the same level of communication, I’m sure I’d be contacted immediately in an emergency but a proactive programme of care plan reviews I think would be useful. Overall very good and I am regularly recommending. Thanks

Beverly Latham
5.0 rating
19 June 2019

Because Tabitha was very helpful in answering a few questions I had.. I just hope it all works out for my mum and family

Neil Hudson
5.0 rating
14 May 2019

Very friendly and helpful, gave me loads if information I need to help my dad’s care.

Lindsey Lea
5.0 rating
13 April 2019

Rachel assessor excellent

John Highton
5.0 rating
7 April 2019

Visit rated 5

Alison Hopton
5.0 rating
10 February 2019

The lady on the phone was very polite and helpfull

Elizabeth Brain
5.0 rating
6 February 2019

Very knowledgable and helpful. Good listener. Answered all questions and provided service requested.

Gill Okuda
4.0 rating
8 January 2019

Just because the score is based on one morning’s care, Dad was extremely happy with the service and if this standard is maintained he would score 5

Sue Lang

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