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Care Choices

01 November 2010

Care Choices

You have started to read this blog – you have made a choice, whether you continue to read it, is again another choice you will make. We all make choices everyday, the choices and decisions we make affect both ourselves and the people we care about some directly and others indirectly.

Some choices are harder and have more of an affect on ourselves and our loved ones than others. Some of these will be the hardest choices that you will ever make and you may never have thought that you would have to make them. Choosing care for your loved ones is one of these choices.

How many of us know someone in need of care? Take a minute to think about it…………..

At some point in all our lives we or someone that we care about will be touched by illness, accident or if lucky, natural old age.

Care is not something that we tend to think about until it directly effects us. We take the attitude that “it happens to them not us” and until it smacks us right between the eyes we bury our heads in the sand.

Care is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our society. With health care improving and the age of the population increasing, care is becoming one of the the hottest topics being talked about. Politicians are jumping on the band waggon, promising reforms in this and bonuses on that; celebrities too, some for personal reasons, others for, well…who knows…….!

This all goes to show what a crucial subject care is.

There are two general types of care:

Residential Care – This is where you move out of your own home and into a separate residential setting (houses, flats or rooms) provided by either a private or government organisation.

Home Care – Where you stay in your own home, and the carer either lives with you or pays you prearranged visits at time to suit you through-out the day.

There are advantages to both as every need is different, but home care is becoming more and more popular, as people are able to stay at home, surrounded by all their belongings, loved ones, pets and very importantly, memories

Home care provides constant one to one support and companionship that simply isn’t there in nursing homes or other residential organisations. It allows our loved ones or even ourselves to be individuals and make choices in everyday life.

It may be a simple choice of what top to wear today or what to have for breakfast, marmalade or marmite on toast? You may not want toast at all preferring scrambled eggs.

We all have a right to choose, its what we do with that choice that counts.

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