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Posted on 17th February 2012.

As one of the country’s oldest and most respected live-in care providers, Helping Hands is in the fortunate position of having some of the country’s best professional carers working for us.

From Cornwall, to Cumbria and beyond, our remarkable carers are so often the difference which enables people to remain in their own home and out of long term residential care homes.

We value their experience, their integrity and their hard word immensely, that’s why we do our very best to ensure that they are looked after.

But of course most carers in the UK are not professionals. There are 6 million people in the UK looking after someone who’s frail, disabled or unable to cope. One in six homes have a family member caring for another – often they don’t even identify themselves as carers. The work can be relentless and exhausting – emotionally and physically.

These carers often work in silence, never complaining, never asking anybody for help.

Respite care can help, it provides a short rest break where the long term carer gets away and “re-charge their batteries”. People interested in Helping Hands Respite service call us anytime to discuss it in more detail.

Of course inviting a professional carer into your home to look after a loved one is a big decision and it’s not for everyone. That’s fine; if the long term carer does not feel comfortable they should never be forced to take a break. It is really important however, that no carer feels isolated and alone.

Carers UK and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers provide valuable support for unpaid carers. If you are part of the silent majority of carers looking after a loved one, why not contact them for a chat.

Sally Tomkotowicz