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Dementia. We care

16 December 2011

Dementia. We care

The first ever National Audit of Dementia has found that NHS patients are suffering at the hands under trained hospital staff which are failing to treat them as individuals.

According to the report care often lacks basic human kindness and is regularly delivered in an impersonal manner by nursing staff who do not fully understand multifaceted needs of dementia patients.

Dementia is a complex condition which requires specialist training to fully understand.  Familiarity can be key, and this is why dementia sufferers who are cared for in their own home, often respond better than those who are cared for in hospital and in a care home.

Helping Hands has been caring for people with dementia for over 20 years.  In that time we have developed an intrinsic understanding of what dementia means, not only to those who are suffering from the condition, but also to their families.

At Helping Hands’ training centre we instruct our carers in how best to care for people with dementia and how to help provide the right support to their families.  The right care often prevents unnecessary hospitalisation, which aside from the clear benefits to the individual, means that hospital beds remain free for others.

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