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Give Yourself A Break With Respite Care In Aylesbury

Once you start caring for a parent, family member or friend, you’re likely to hear of respite care. This type of care is perfect for those looking for short-term relief whether it’s due to a holiday, emergency, or to simply recharge.

Right now, you might not think you need respite care, but an emergency or illness of your own may put you in a caregiving bind. One way to be prepared is to understand what respite care is, how it can help you and your family, and where to find good respite care services.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is temporary care that allows regular caregivers to take a short break, either for a few hours, a couple of days or several weeks. Some people choose to use respite on a weekly or daily basis whilst they work outside of the home or have booked a family holiday, others call in respite care when they need to take care of their own issues, unexpectedly get sick, injured or have another family emergency they need to take care of.

These short-term breaks allow carers to come back to their caregiving responsibilities feeling refreshed, less stressed and better able to provide good quality care. Some families even plan ahead for the move to full-time live-in care by booking a few days of respite care in order to “audition” carers or organisations before they make a decision.

Respite Care In Aylesbury:

Like many communities, Aylesbury has several forms of respite care available to family caregivers, from residential respite care and adult day programs to live-in respite care options within your own home.

  • Care in the comfort of your own home

If you or your loved one would prefer to stay at home (like many), live-in respite care provided by Helping Hands can give you a break, whenever you need it. Whether it’s support in the morning with dressing and breakfast or a few hours in the afternoon for social time and light housekeeping, Helping Hands’ carers are fully trained for all situations and conditions, all in the comfort of your own home. But that’s not all, Helping Hands hand-pick a carer to suit not only your needs, but your hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, that way you’re perfectly paired up and bound to hit it off!

  • A day out for the both of you

Or, if your loved one is keen to leave the house, an adult day program may be worth a try. These day centres are usually open five days a week, and will take full care of your loved one whilst you run errands or catch up on some rest.

A typical day at an adult day centre will start just after breakfast and will often include a hot lunch, games and crafts, some unstructured social time and help with any medication when required (make sure you inform the staff on arrival). Some programs are custom-tailored for seniors, for example, on Oxford Road, the Alzheimer’s Society hosts a day centre specifically for dementia sufferers. There’s also Highview Day Centre, based in Hemel Hempstead which is open to everyone, including those suffering with mental health conditions. If your loved one’s condition is complex, give the day centre a call beforehand to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to support you, if not, i’m sure they can point you in the right direction.

Although adult day centres are a great way for your loved one to meet new friends and interact with others, it’s great for you to meet likeminded carers and socialise with those in similar situations on arrivals and pick-ups, or catch-up with a friend in the meantime.

  • A few days away…

Respite care is also available in a residential care home, meaning your loved one will move out of their own home, temporarily, and live in a care home with other residents and onsite carers.

If you want to learn more information regarding this type of care, you’ll be able to book a care home visit prior to your stay, this way you’ll see the facilities and meet the carers. To find a local residential care home, either search online or ask your GP for their recommendation.

We’re here to help…

If you’re keen to explore respite care in  your own home, our care advisors are on hand to help you understand the process of respite care in the Aylesbury area. Speak to us today for more details about the tasks your carer will need to carry out.

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