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Despite the unusual circumstances we have all found ourselves in over the recent months, we’ve been inspired by so many amazing stories where people have gone above and beyond to help their friends, neighbours and loved ones. As well as the incredible feats of our carers, NHS staff and key workers, achievements like Captain Tom Moore’s heroic hundred laps of his garden which raised over £32 million, have really made the nation cheer.

But many of the amazing stories that we’ve seen over the recent months have come from within our own teams, where customers and team members have been sharing the incredible stories of how our carers have been supporting customers during these unprecedented times.

One story in particular comes from Emily Hobbs, a live-in care manager in the east, about one of her newest live-in carers, Chenai…

“One of my most recently placed carers, Chenai, was a new recruit for Helping Hands and this was her first placement. Chenai arrived with the right attitude, asking insightful questions of the customers’ daughter such as, ‘Is there anything specific you would like me to focus on whilst I am here?’

“Their daughter explained that her mum used to love walking and they would really like to get her back into doing this, especially as they live in a beautiful area with a lot to see.

“Not only did Chenai take everything completely in her stride, implementing a new routine which included daily walks (the most recent being 40 minutes long!) but she also took the time to get to know the customers on an individual basis. The gentleman was not receptive to care at first, but after some gentle encouragement Chenai explained to Emily that he had accepted her help with his personal care, which was a real achievement for him.

“Both customers were also previously awake at night, now both are sleeping through and having a lie-in! Both customers are now also eating three full meals a day and very much enjoying their food; which is quite the opposite from the time before Chenai came along. Chenai loves being with her customers and has requested to become their permanent carer – something that the family are over the moon with.

“Because the customers had never had live-in care before, they were understandably reluctant to accept that this was a safe solution for them. However, fast forward two weeks and Chenai has completely turned this placement around. She has done an incredible job to be patient, flexible and most importantly understand that these things take time to settle and she can play a big part in making it work.

“This just goes to show that it’s not always the most experienced carers that are the best fit for a family. Chenai came in with fresh ideas and a positive attitude and this worked for everyone.”

If you’re considering live-in care for yourself or a loved one, get in touch with us today to find out how care at home could help enable you to stay safe and well at home.

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