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Imagine a city where everyone has dementia…

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Posted on 29th March 2012.

Imagine an entire city of people with dementia. Sound like a movie? Well it’s not. It’s the United Kingdom in ten years time, when it is predicted that one million people – equivalent to the population of a city the size of Birmingham – will be living with dementia.

Perhaps even more startling is the fact that the trend is expected to increase. By 2050, it’s predicted that 1.7 million people will have dementia in the UK, costing the county almost £40 billion every year and causing incalculable distress for the loved ones of those affected.

Tragically only 40% of people who have dementia ever receive a diagnosis and this means that simple steps to improve quality of life may never be taken. Things such as diet, routine and environment can have a big impact on the symptoms of dementia and if the right things are done during the early stages of the condition, the quality of life of millions of people could be dramatically improved.

It is generally acknowledged that people with dementia respond better to a familiar environment. Ideally this is their own home where they are surrounded by belongings they are accustomed to as opposed to a residential institution where the environment is less stable and familiar, but deciding to care for an elderly family member in their own home is a daunting prospect.

More and more people across the country are concluding that quality live-in care is the solution. It ensures that the person who requires support is given specialist one-to-one attention throughout the day, by professional and highly trained carers and means that time spent with family can be proper “family time”.

The decision about how best to care for an elderly relative is never easy, but the chances are as more people are diagnosed with the condition, it will touch us all in some way. To discuss the merits of live in care for people with dementia please contact Helping Hands at 0808 180 9455, email us at or visit our website

Sally Tomkotowicz