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Interview with a live-in carer: “Everything I did, I’d have done for my own mum”

Although she became a live-in carer with Helping Hands three years ago, care has been part of Kerry’s life for many years. Before she became a full-time carer, Kerry supported her own parents. We caught up with Kerry to find out about her work as a carer for the elderly.

Inspiration to becoming a live-in carer

Kerry and her customer, Shirley

Coming from such a close family has given Kerry, pictured here with her customer Sylvia, a natural understanding of what it is like for a family requiring care. Over a period of nine years, Kerry helped her mother to care for her father. She also helped to reassure her other family members during this particularly difficult period.

“I just have so much love to give, particularly towards older people,” Kerry explains. “And my family all know they can come to me with any problems they have. Those are the main reasons why I wanted to become a carer.”

Kerry’s first live-in role

Following her in-depth live-in carer training, Kerry’s first experience as a carer gave her a number of precious moments. She looked after a lovely elderly lady called Shirley from Swindon (pictured below), and was soon welcomed as part of her family with open arms.

“Shirley was just the loveliest person,” Kerry says. “We got on so well together and the family saw me as like another daughter really. Everything I did for Shirley, I’d have done for my own mum which made our relationship extra special. We even went out for dinners together!”

When Shirley passed away, her family wanted Kerry to be involved as she had made such a difference in her life. Kerry with one of her customers

“I attended Shirley’s funeral and picked up her flowers,” Kerry explains, the emotion in her voice showing how moved she was by the memory of the day. “We all looked after each other and I’m still in touch with them all to this day. We all supported each other like a true family.”

One of Shirley’s close friends left this glowing report about Kerry and another carer: “I will never forget the kindness and compassion they showed her in her last few days. It was a pleasure to know them both and I wish them well in the future.”

A supportive team behind the scenes

Kerry says that she thoroughly enjoys working as a carer, and has learnt a lot from her managers and fellow carers. She has a particular close connection with her managers, Laura Smallman and Tracy Pemberton, describing them both as “wonderful.”

Even to this day, Kerry continues to support her own family and enjoys being a supportive influence in her children’s lives. She also likes to visit her grandchildren and friends at any given opportunity.

As a carer with considerable experience, Kerry has some advice for anyone else thinking of becoming a live-in carer.

“You can’t just be a carer. You’ve got to be able to give care and love freely,” she says. “Always remember, you’re doing an important job.”

Kerry - a live-in carer

How to become a live-in carer

If you’re the sort of person who loves caring for other people, being a carer could be your perfect career. Full training is provided before you start and you’ll enjoy ongoing support every step of the way. Apply to become a carer or email for further details.

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