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My carer is back from her break

Mary my Carer came back, although she was very poorly, not quite over it just yet, but certainly getting there. She wasted no time in tending to (her) my orchids. She is really green fingered.

Ellie my cat soon established her routine of going to Mary early in the morning for her’ dancing’ with Mary. The Helping Hands Clinical Nursing Manager came to visit, to show Mary how to do a procedure that would help me, without the need of further intervention. Mary and I have to do a report on Friday. It’s really good to know that Helping Hands has the high standards, a high level of monitoring for progressive diseases. I went to the Hospice on Wednesday, Mary really liked this picture. hand-painting

At the time of writing this, Mary is nice and settled. Is so nice to be back to our old routine, a bit like a comfortable pair of slippers. Mary has been my carer for four years, and its a real testament to our respect for each other. My friend Sue comes every Wednesday and Thursday and it gives Mary an afternoon off to recharge her batteries.

We are getting to grips with email. Mary came with no computer skills, but can now use a tablet and smart phone.

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