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Our Parkinson’s Journey

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Posted on 26th April 2012.

Our live in carers work on a 1-2-1 relationship. Their client is their sole focus, they have no other distractions. This means that they have the time to ensure that medication routines are exact. The fact that it’s a given that your meds will be prepared and taken on time means that you can focus on living. We empower people to remain within their own homes and give them the support they need to remain there.

And if you have a permanent carer or companion it means that you have somebody who can formally support and record your ups and downs during the day. This detailed knowledge of how your condition affects your lifestyle is invaluable when working with your wider professional circle of support. Of course there are lots of other benefits of a professionally trained live in carer, the continuity that they offer, the enabling they provide as well as personal care and housekeeping – all planned with individuals needs and desires at the centre.

Sally Tomkotowicz